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WTF is hyper thread Technology ? [lol]


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my computers almost silent, and never runs hot its stock yes but i installed my two mem sticks from my emachines into it to give it more mem.

heres a pic of my cpu info.


uhh is there any way i can make it faster?

if so how and what should i do to make it work best?

the cpu runs at like 42 C'

its almost silent i had to see if the fan was actully working and then i noticed there were two huge fans in the tower, im amazed at how its so silent. Emachines did well for me, but i need to get a boot disk or w/e [( i erased my hard.drive )] -[ne help with that [lol]- but yeah is there any way i can fix up my computer to make it go faster?...

thank you all.

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In my BIOS, I got 10, 20, 30 % overclocking on cpu options or even increasing of fsb speed by 1mhz.. When your computer is booting, press alt+ctrl+del on bios (this usually gets you in the bios config menu).. In the CPU tab you should be able to overclock.. Howover, oc'ing a processor could cause system instability or overheating.. Your 640 Intel is pretty good, and I would leave it at that.. If you would desperately need this overclocking, try it and see if it works for you, but beware the heat factor ;-)

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