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Some questions about a T1


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1.I was wondering does the distance from the C.o matter when you have a t1?

2.I have adsl right now and it isn't that great but consistent, would a t1 line be smoother and give me lower pings for hosting?

3.Has anyone here had a t1 that was crap for hosting game servers and was far from C.o and had real bad pings or was it guarenteed to be low?

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T1 lines are easily repeated to cover longer distances so distance isnt really an issue. Ping times will definitely be lower than your dsl. And due to the SLA and guaranteed uptime/bandwidth with a T1 you won't hear many complaints. Bottomline, if you're willing & able to spend the money I'd say go for it.

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lol , sdsl isn't nearly as good as t1  bro, if you had a t1 and wanted more download or upload, then all you got to do is bond it according to what you want.

1.544/1.544 and you need extra 256

so you bond it


Basic T!>>>>

want 512 more

2.056/2.056 ect.

it is good line.

Also who is your sdsl provider and what package are you on and what do you pay?

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