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Yes, I had Vonage and everything seemed fine until our neighbor told us she was charged long distance rates just to call us next door.  This even though our area code was correct for our area.  But, area codes mean nothing to vonage.  I mean they can give you a California area code and this can work for you or not.  After a pain staking investigation into the matter Vonage came clean and said they did not have a local number for our area but gave us a number that made it seem it was a local number.  I mean what did we know we simply trusted them.  So we have a Linksys adapter we paid $ 60.00 dollars for and now sits on a shelf. 

Well, we said goodbye to Vonage and we have discovered Packed 8  service, which  is much better and yes they had a local number for us and told us that right up front. 



P.S. I have a linksys Phone Adapter for sell, cheap no kidding!

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a friend of mine has it, he likes it i like you can't tell the difference between it and a regular phone. But if you upload alot of files don't get vonage, my friend uploades alot "bittorrent" and when i talk to hime when he is uploading it sounds like crap, and it cuts in and out. But if you do not upload alot its great, id say get it. :D

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