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How do i BENCHMARK my Hard Disk ?


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I might not be 100% right on this. But I think a raid setup needs to use the same type of HD's or it will defalt to the slowest one.

I would do a little more research before trying this kind of setup.

By all rights's, if you are going to use RAID as a backup system, you might be just as well off with a good backup program.

If you are trying to write to both drives at the same time. I don't think you will see that much improvement, being that todays drives are running fairly fast.

RAID was a big help several years ago.

Just some thoughts I had in the back of my head when I researched it years ago.

RAID is still being used in big networks to guarantee a backup copy. But this is the kind of situation where they would be using 10 to 100+ drives.

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