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Song help..


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iight man i wanna fill like 5 gigs worth of music...so can you ppl add all the songs you have like titles?, theres gotta b a way to copy and paste just the names and sh*t lol i need to download hella music

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author=x_6985381 link=topic=9988.msg97395#msg97395 date=1133224906]

really ne thing, hiphop rap rnb you know anything a 14 yr old would listen too 8)

You want to learn about obscure music, click on the link in my sig and listen - check out the site and read the last songs played...

Other wise, if you don't tell me what you like - i could post elton john all day and you wouldn't know better  :-P

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so you want what, a list of cool tunes?

zztop - la grange

zztop - cheap sunglasses

rolling stones - paint it black

rolling stones - start me up

ozzy osbourne - dreamer

sepultura - rattamahatta

guns 'n roses - paradise city

guns 'n roses - mr brownstone

good list

better and longer


and I'm a 14 year old kid

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Try Goldfrapp: Strict Machine, Train, (Off the buckcherry album) (Diva)

Theatre Of Tragedy: Machina (Techno)

Disturbed: Believe Album (Alternative Rock)

Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack (Best Soundtrack as a whole ever of Alternative)

Resident Evil Soundtrack

Train: Any Album

Zombie: Pick one, they're all covers anyway.

Snake River Conspiracy: Great Cover Album is "Lovesong"

Wolfsheim (Techno)

Wumpscut (Industrial)

VNV Nation (Industrial)

The Cave Soundtrack (Ozzfest Lineup)

Zeromancer: Eurotrash Album (UK)

Beseech (Sweden)


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