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Anybody here use usenet?


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Guest kamil234

yeah i heard the same, some info would be nice since i dont feel like paying like $20 to download a gig or 2 lol, it says you can download full html speed, that'd be nice [movies in a couple of minutes woot woot] and its supposed to be anonymous.

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Usenet is like a forum

they have been the 1st form of file sharing that i can remember

you need a program to access it, just like you need outlook to access ur email server you need a program to access your news server.

most ISP offer free newsgroup server to their users

i dont know the diff from usenet and newsgroups to be honest

so you get this program like forte agent

you type in ur news group server free from your isp or you get one of those that you guys see on websites you need to pay for and its like a forum

there diff is people attach files to their posts like one movie broken down with rar for 14MB files then they upload one post with each piece, this is to a main server of ther isp, the ISP keep their server updates via their massive trunks between them selves

so when u download from a newsgroup from ur ISP you will get the best speed ever of your connection

some isp dont have newgroups

and some isp restrict the amount of download on them



just stated reading this two websites and they explain stuff much better then i did

maybe i should stop explaning :)

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