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is my connection good??? if not plz help

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OK, che-check it.

1. disconnect USB

2. connect ethernet

3. reset modem/gateway

4. from command prompt, type netsh winsock reset catalog and hit enter

5. exit the command prompt and restart your PC.

6. check/renew IP

You can always plug the USB back in later if it don't work.  But trust me, ethernet speeds will always exceed those over USB.  It's in the technology.  You want speed, it's ethernet you need!

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If you are serious about going ethernet, you should be able to tell your ISP that it's not practical for you to use USB (you don't have any free ports, you want to hook up a router, etc.), and they should be obligated to resolve that.  I would just be sure before calling that you can connect via ethernet to something else, otherwise they may tell you that it is your NIC.

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