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  1. [me=Elite.Pete]thinks it's irrelevant[/me]
  2. you are behind on your spelling
  3. walmart, gonna have alot of unhappy hillbillies who blew up a homebuilt computer :-0
  4. ubuntu is very nice.
  5. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  6. lol, trolls
  7. not a problem, they are the anti-cable company
  8. looks okay
  9. they are not a cable company so no cable
  10. i could careless about vista
  11. P.S. did you read the reviews, people were not happy w/ the card
  12. wait, if that is a dualcore card, then in sli it would be 4 core... can you even do that yet? i do remember hearing about quad card sli didn't know if it was current or not yet, and is ati's crossfire even worth mentioning ?
  13. i have a pci express (256MB) ati x700 pro, it runs good, plays doom3 on high so i'm happy for now.
  14. foobar 2k on windows amarok on ubuntu linux windows media player/PowerDvd/Divx/Xvid and totem motive player (linux) Here's a picture of amarok it's very nice
  15. bah that's nothing!