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  1. They'll be playing that clip at his 80th birthday party..........and everyone in between.
  2. The other really big problem is regulation. In most of the country Verizon is having to go to each and every municipality in order to be able to provide tv service to their fiber customers. That's what Verizon really wants, the triple play. They won't make their money back just on internet service. They have to be able to provide TV, Telephone, and Internet. We're lucky in Texas because our legislature passed a law a couple years ago that allows new TV Cable/ Fiber providers to solicit this at the state level instead of having to go to each and every little town/city/municipality.
  3. Yeah fios is amazing, I've been up and running on it now for over 2 years i guess. I have never had a slow down in speed either up or down. I did experience a couple of outages. Once when my cable got kinked when my neighbor got his install. They had to re-run a new cable and the second time is when my ONT went bad.
  4. Damn I wish someone would compete with fios in my area. I was in one of the first areas to get fios in Texas and my speed is 15/2 and hasn't changed. Can't really complain though, 15/2 is way more then I need, so I guess I should just be happy to have fios at all.
  5. Are you saying that Fios can't compete? Perhaps I'm missunderstanding.
  6. Fios kicks ass! I love mine. I've had the 15/2 package for about 1 1/2 years now. The thing that really amazes me is that the speed NEVER fluctuates!! I get my full speed (up & down) all the time, day and night. I also love the fios TV service. I've got HD and two HD DVR's for less money then I was paying for Comcast's crappy service. I wish that Comcast would up their speeds in my area so that Verizon would have to go to 20/5 at my price level. This is what's happening in other areas of the country.
  7. I use 1492 for my Fios connection and it seems to work fine.
  8. That's a good connection for cable.
  9. Yes it can be rebooted but that has to be done from the central office. You can call customer support and have them reset the ONT. However, I don't think that this is the issue.
  10. It's doesn't work that way with fios. There is no modem in the chain. There is an ONT (optical network terminal) that goes on the side of your house and an RJ45 nework cable runs from that box to your router with nothing in between.
  11. Take the Verizon router out of the equation. Just use the N router that you have. I have had fios 15/2 now for over a year and have never used the Verizon supplied router. I also have fios tv and have never had a problem with either my internet or tv service as a result of using my own router.
  12. Okay, nevermind.....I figured it out. I had to make a change in IE. Even though I'm not using IE I use Firefox but for some reason IE was wanting to make a dialup connection and wanted to use my VPN for this. I changed this in the IE settings and that seems to have fixed the problem.
  13. I had to create a VPN connection for a company that I do business with. I created using the connection wizard in XP. The VPN works fine except for one thing. The connection window keeps popping up wanting to connect. Anyone know how I stop this? I'm using Firefox if that matters.
  14. I got it working. Thanks for the quick replys.
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