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  1. Why did this post get trashed?
  2. I have SBC Yahoo DSL Pro...and I can tell you by experience that dealing with the "techs" can be a runaround. Can you post the results from a TestMy speed test please? Also goto (your modem) and tell us what it says for connected at. Example of mine: Connected at 3008 Kbps (downstream) 512 Kbps (upstream)
  3. No, I'm the one asking...I don't know what the sound is from.
  4. What is this...Snow White and the seven fingers?
  5. I think I might try it.
  6. Does anyone know what this music/sound is from?
  7. Not for sure but Howstuffworks.com says "speeds up to about 52 megabits per second (Mbps)". http://computer.howstuffworks.com/vdsl.htm/printable
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