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  1. Why did this post get trashed?
  2. I have SBC Yahoo DSL Pro...and I can tell you by experience that dealing with the "techs" can be a runaround. Can you post the results from a TestMy speed test please? Also goto (your modem) and tell us what it says for connected at. Example of mine: Connected at 3008 Kbps (downstream) 512 Kbps (upstream)
  3. No, I'm the one asking...I don't know what the sound is from.
  4. What is this...Snow White and the seven fingers?
  5. Does anyone know what this music/sound is from?
  6. Not for sure but Howstuffworks.com says "speeds up to about 52 megabits per second (Mbps)". http://computer.howstuffworks.com/vdsl.htm/printable
  7. I thought about it but I don't want to pay the extra for a static IP address.
  8. If you could get under 1000ft and have VDSL...that would kick major a$$!
  9. I did not know this at first. I found out by checking my states laws. Also, the guy is still selling at least 3 more alcohol items...looks like he's asking for trouble...a slow learner...if I really wanted to be a d**k, I could blow the whistle and dry him all the way out. No, this will not be "water under the bridge". The bridge is burned. Mods it's time the lock it down...
  10. Nothing, unless the seller has repeatedly been in trouble. Just a warning at most
  11. Man don't crack under the heat of all the drama queens in here. If you lied you lied. You have your reasons...it isn't like one single person in here as never lied in their life. Just kick the dust off your shoes at the door and walk away with your head held high.
  12. Another thing tdawnaz, bidding on that item, which was going to be used in a crime (alcohol being illegally transported over state lines, which is a federal crime) puts me in conspiracy of that crime. So I did what I had to do to make sure I didn
  13. First of all, I did not hurt anyone...the seller hurt themselves by illegally bootlegging alcohol. The seller is responsible for there actions (to obey to law) and if they get caught...it's there own damn fault for being stupid. They know the rules. I really don't see the big deal...so what if he can't rip people off with his 3 bottles of beer. Also, I don't care if the seller knows who did or said what.
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