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    Aulo Aasmaa reacted to TriRan in so I got a smart phone   
    I don't and never have used anti virus software on my phone with slower phones it can really bog down performance
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    (Click for larger image)
    Router: Dovado Pro
    USB Stick: Huawei E3272
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    Aulo Aasmaa got a reaction from CA3LE in My Content (under my user id) is empty   
    In my case the "City" displays "Unknown" under "Database"→"Your detected info".

    Additionally to my country I would really like my test results go for the good of my city / municipality.

    Can you please advise if there is something I should check at my browser settings or what could be causing my city not being detected correctly?

    What I really like in TMN is the openness of database - a possibility to get overview of results by different providers and geographical locations and among other things I really think the more detailed the statistics side of the TMN the better for your business. This us because we the testers not only are interested in our own performance but also want to see how we compare to others from many different angles. I personally test often but even more browse the database - so again the more detail you add to it the better.

    Thank you for the best testing site and wishing you all the strength developing it even better, especially the statistics side.

    Best regards!
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