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  1. how b ig is the site total? everything ..
  2. well if im called an ass then hes a dumbass forgetting he posted twice
  3. yah that shit was awesome
  4. where is vanburen when we need him :?
  5. lmFAO HI :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  6. because u was responding to me and u started another thread
  7. yup yup omg btw ALMOST 100 POSTS ;) ;) :D
  8. maybe his pc needs tweaked? .. or maybe hes being throttled because hes dling too much
  9. well i left it off for like 2 hours and my download speed slowly got slower.. so i turned it back on and back up it went
  10. yea someone will actually respond back i cuoldnt believe it when i emailed them
  11. this second time this person has asked on this same subject..
  12. lol uninstall and reinstall and it should ask u
  13. and most of the time multiple posts abotu the same subject is not needed IF NOONE HELPS WE DONT LIKE U :evil6: :evil6: :haha: lol jk though https://testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=4287.msg39201;topicseen#msg39201
  14. as far as uncapping goes there the best but i wont get on that subject never have had one sb4100 but if u can ask for sb5100 most of the time the newer the better
  15. well he has the sb5100 thas what u should ask for too
  16. no my friend has the basic rr package and his dl speed is the same as yours
  17. what for? didnt change anything when i did
  18. no not really if u wanna change it on just one pc .. if u want all of them to do the same dns server yea u change it thru ru router
  19. and put that in a list of forbidded words or w/e
  20. this one too http://twistedpc.us/myspeed/
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