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    boywonder reacted to sparky in 7550 Telnet   
    Well the Glasnost test was inconclusive.....  But I did do what you said, with the password.  This time of night I would be expecting to drag balls.... my latest test on here was 6.6Mbps..... It has not been like that in almost 8 months. lol.
    Now all I have to do is the same for the other DSL line, see if it fixes it.

    The very next test was 1mbps.... I can't win, I thought it was fixed... lol
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    boywonder got a reaction from CA3LE in I have over 50mbps coming from my modium.   
    I wish I could Only thing "smart" about my TV is my laptop plugs into it. Best resource for such would be XDA Dev though.
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    boywonder got a reaction from coknuck in 7550 Telnet   
    Hi Conuck,

    That's to log into my admin interface. I'm actually trying to open a cmd prompt and telnet the 7550 router and adjust my SNR. It may not be possible with this router as Frontier may have it blocked, but for the love of tweaking have to try.
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