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  1. fikester, Thanks, thought that was the way it was, but wanted to make sure.
  2. You will have to unplug the DW7000 from the router, and hook your router directly to your computer, then go to its setup page and follow these instructions, Disable the built in DHCP server. Set its LAN IP address to Set its LAN Subnet Mask to Set its LAN Default Gateway to Note: Not all routers will have these settings. If yours does not you should consider purchasing either a hard wired hub or a wireless access point. Also you may loose connectivity to your router after making these changes. If at any point you want to reset your router, most routers have a reset button on the back. Press and hold the reset button for at least 15 seconds. This will reset the router to its original factory settings and allow you to regain connectivity to it. Once you do this you will have to either reboot your computer, or do what From Planet Bob. Once computer is rebooted you will want to plug your DW 7000 into one of the LAN ports, not the WAN port! This is very important, it will not work right if you plug the DW7000 into the WAN. (I have a Belkin Wireless Router, and this is according to Direcway's instructions, and I've never been able to get the DW 7000 to assign IP address if it is plugged into the WAN port while using the Belkin as a router, if I change it to a WAP, then I have to plug it into the WAN port) Now you should be able to type in the address above and it should take you to the routers setup page, typing should still take you to the DW7000's setup page. Good luck, hope this info helps, I had to research for it when I set mine up.
  3. Crispy Niggets, 91 signal strength is great, however--and I don't want to confuse you more--what is your cross-pol #? Type or click in your address bar, then click antenna pointing, click next (without selecting anything) make sure "Perform ACP" is checked, then click next, and now you can choose Auto or Manual, the difference is Auto test and gives you a number, manual, runs the test constant and will give you a reading of what your cross-pol number is real time, kinda like signal strength will, it will go up and down as you watch it. I'd run a manual, then make sure it shows that it passes. If it passes, hopefully at least in the 65-70 range, you are good to go. But it sounds like you shouldn't have anything to worry about, the slow downs you have I believe are normal, Direcway speeds.
  4. Decade, Just wondering if you ever got charged anything additional after upgrading to Pro? Besides the obvious $10, thinking about doing it, I mean, what's $10 after paying as much as I am. Speeds are doing ok for me, but I'd like to have some more speed. Do you, now that you've upgraded to Pro, think it is worth $10? Or would I just be wasting my time. Thanks,
  5. DW7000 .74 meter dish 89W:1170 RSL: 76 XPOL: 70
  6. Mine was a Apple IIc (no hard drive, used 5 1/4" disk). That and a 286, with 12Mhz turbo mode :D. Boy the old days. How long they've been.
  7. You could put some guide wires up on three or four corners of the pole. Why did the installer use lumber? Metal pole is the best, because wood is more likely to warp over time and of course throw your dish off. If that 4x6 is 12' long, and it is in the ground 3', that means you've got 9' feet above ground, with that big dish, it is going to move. The bottom of the dish has to be at least 6' above ground, so therefore you could shorten your pole by about 3', which could make it a little better. Other than that, I'd get a 7 1/2' x 2 3/8" pipe bury it 2' and use concrete and if you have to have him come back have him put the dish on that pole, instead of the other one.
  8. Jim, Well, thats good news , I was hoping that $400 wasn't just for the Dish.
  9. Here, https://testmy.net/personal_stats_30d.php?user_name=tonyp56&m=12&d=30&Y=2005 That is my stats since 12-12. I test several times a day, early morning, night, evening, afternoons, etc... I probably test at least 5 times a day, both upload and download. Anyways, I get what you are saying and I won't disagree with you, I'm just saying overall, when everything is said and done, I'm happy with what I got, could it be better, YES of course, but it could also be much, much worse.
  10. Decade, Yeah, I've read some of your post where you were having problems, so I know what you are saying. When I first got my stuff installed the installer had everything working, and everything seemed fine. He left, and then all of a sudden, the system light went off. I did what you did, called, talked to some Indian woman, then after about 45 minutes she transfered me to level 2 (American, or at least American sounding) tech support. The guy went through some stuff but nothing happened. Then right before I got of the phone with him the system light came on, and I started surfing again. Though it didn't take as long as yours did, the guy said it was because the modem was updating it's files, and it took me off-line. I was down for a little more than 2 hours, but anyways, I seen that same thing. The tech also gave me the direct line to level 2 tech suport, along with a ticket number. Don't know if I can call that number again (wrote it down) without having to call the other number first or not, he didn't say, he said "if you ever have anymore trouble" he didn't specifically say with that problem, so maybe. So, how much did they charge you to upgrade to the Pro plan? Did you have to get a new dish, or other equipment? Just curious, cause I'd like to do it some day, maybe after my monthly goes down to $59 a month. It is only $10 more a month for the Pro plan, and should be a little faster, and with a little more FAP limit.
  11. Stillwater area, kinda north central of the state. How much was the 1.2 dish, did you have them upgrade you or did you do it? Yeah, I dont' get that one, you had lower signal strength but higher cross-pole. I don't know why my signal is so low in the first place (I know, not really low, but still it just seems it should be higher), cuz there is nothing--no trees, buildings, hills, etc. between my dish and the satellite.
  12. Ok, I've had Direcway for 22 days now, and I've got to say I am fairly happy with it. To begin, and for me at least they've really fixed the upload speeds so that they stay very close to where they are supposed to be (128Kbps for me) instead of dropping like a rock down to 18Kbps like it did when I first got my system installed. OK, for the stats, the fastest I was running on dial up was 40Kbps download, and 25Kbps upload (used dial up connection, came here and tested the speeds, fastest I ever could connect was 46.6 and that was the speed I was connected with when I tested) So I did the math, I'm now at 21+ times the DL speed of my former dial up, and almost 5.5 times faster (5.4 actual) on uploads. (fastest DL speed is now 845 Kbps, and fastest upload is now 135Kbps, average for me is about 700Kbps DL and 105Kbps upload) OK, now for latency: Pinging google.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=656ms TTL=243 Reply from bytes=32 time=686ms TTL=243 Reply from bytes=32 time=675ms TTL=243 Reply from bytes=32 time=665ms TTL=243 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 656ms, Maximum = 686ms, Average = 670ms Which is about what I get on most things that I ping during non-peak hours. During peak hours these numbers get worse, say average of about 1100 or more ms. However, for what I use the net for I don't have much issue with this, i.e. I don't play any online games that latency affects. I think that is not bad, though I know it is a lot slower than DSL, cable, or whatever, I also know I don't have those things available to me, so it is a non issue. I can either go back 21 times on DL and go back to dial up, or I can suck it up and deal with, what? 1 second of delay. I'm on Direcway's consumer plan with the smallest dish (.74m?) it is supposed to be 700Kbps DL and 128Kbps upload. Uploads now stay at 100 or above (most of the time, there is some times that I test and it is below that, though not by much now) which is nice, before, my upload speeds would drop below 20Kbps during peak hours, now it stays up pretty good. Download, for the times that I need to use my computers, stays at or above 800Kbps, though sometimes during 5-10 PM time frame I will drop down in the 200Kbps range, and even sometimes for a little bit 100 Kbps range. That is the biggest issue that I see, I'd like it to stay at 500Kbps or above, but even at the slowest it is still faster than dial up. The satellite that I am pointed at is 89W:1150, I'm in Oklahoma, have signal strength of 70-83, and my cross-pole is 60-72 (both numbers jump around, don't matter if it is cloudy or not, they go up then down. Overall, I'm happy with the system, sure it has it's bugs, but when I add it all up, I like it (it would be liked even more if Direcway would lower their monthly charge by like $10-15) ok, end of thoughts.
  13. well my uploads are great, however, my DL's are, well sucking right now . Last test I ran it test at 100Kbps, however, my uploads haven't went below 100Kbps since the update, I'm happy with it. Wish Downloads would stay more constant though
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