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  1. TCP Optimizer does nothing for 6000/7000 systems...Nothing
  2. What Bird said..You're wasting your time Tommie..
  3. Huh? My Firefox rocks on Direcsuck..
  4. You won't have to worry about playing mind games, because they won't call...I think six weeks and counting now for me, waiting for a call back..
  5. If you enjoy your d/l speeds dropping by 4/5 everynight, then you will love this "upgrade"..
  6. My 6000 was rock solid 24/7/365 for 2+ years on G3C...I had only a few short outages the whole time...And, there was never any drop in d/l speed during the night time...
  7. Tripster, great post...I'm all for a lawsuit...It's total bs..
  8. bryan, you're correct regarding the contract terms for WB...That's the only reason i'm still a Dway customer...And, it's also true WB has stopped installations in certain parts of the country, because the beams are full...Supposedly, WB is launching a new satellite, before the end of the year...
  9. How are you getting 1400 d/l on a 7000? Nevermind, just saw you have the small office plan...No way you should've been getting only 500 though with your 4000...
  10. Take it from someone who owns a DW7000, go back to a tweaked DW4000...My d/l is about twice as fast...Of course, the uploads are alot slower...
  11. Re: Wildblue...I looked at them, but they want a two year contract...Plus, if you cancel, the termination fee is equal to the remaining months on the contract x the monthly fee for whatever plan you're on...I won't go near that, personally..Direcway's termination is "only" $300...So, I bought a used DW4000, had it installed last week...Dudes, it flies...Couple of negatives though...Slower uploads (of course), and the home plan ($59.99) fap bucket is 169MB...Apparently, you have to get the $89.99 plan for the professional size bucket...You get a static ip too...I like the 7000 Pro plan for $69.99 better...So, there's trade-offs...
  12. You can't tweak a self-hosted system..
  13. They told me six weeks ago that tech support would call me back...Still waiting...
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