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  1. Reason I say this, is Win95 came with IE 4.x or something like it...
  2. Maybe try update IE? Go to microsoft, see if they've got IE 5.5... Not sure if IE 6 will even work on Win95.... Good Luck! Phrankl
  3. Hi, I know exactly what you Folks are talking about... I have a 6000 with the same problem. (The sad thing is that their service was very good up 'til about three weeks ago.) Then "The Change!" Speeds were good in the a.m. until about mid morning. Then the dramatic drop until speeds were about 1/5 what they were. I, too, emailed, called so-called customer support. They gave me the basic "canned reply" letter that they send to you guys. I explained to them that my PCs are clean and config'd. properly. Prob. isn't with me; prob. is with them, that they've oversubscribed available band
  4. Is there a table, somewhere, that shows me which transponder I'm on...? And, can engineering change me to one less crowded? Or would that be 'way too easy? ;o)
  5. Thanks for the replies, Folks. BirdFan, here's my stats; I think that's what you want? (I'm pretty sure that 117W longitude is SatMex5, right?...) This morning the speed is fine, of course. It's only through the day that the speed REALLY SLOWS down. Like 19 kbps last night around 8:00 p.m. I wonder if billing will give me any money back on my monthly bill, since I'm getting dial up speeds.. ) [i seem to hear good things about WildBlue] Satellite Stuff: Transmit Path: Satellite Outroute: Primary Longitude: 117 West Receive Frequency: 970 MHz Recei
  6. Since Dec. 20th I've been having very slow browsing speeds during "Prime time," on my D'way 6000. (From about 11:30 a.m through the eve- ning.) Last night my numbers were in the dial up range, or less! Up till now, for about 16 months, service has been pretty good. I called tech support, emailed tech support, talked to Level 2 support. My system's fine, so I'm guessing that the problem's with them. Their folks can't / won't give out any system info. like that, so I'm assuming they've oversubscribed during the Holidays, or something..... (Bad transponder, maybe?) A
  7. To boot to cmd or Safe Mode (I'd try "Safe," first,) keep tapping "F8" (function key 8,) usually at the top of your keyboard, as your system boots. If "Safe mode" is an option, try that first. Then go to device manager and look for yellow question marks in the list of various devices. One of those may or may not be causing you a problem. Sound cards, NICs, can be a problem, if you've got corrupted drivers. If your PC does boot, I'd be sure to copy files that you want to keep on to good another partition than your boot partition. Most PCs boot to "C:" drive, of course
  8. If it's not a hardware issue, might try tapping the space bar as it begins the boot process. (Just tap it once every second or so.) If it comes up to a black screen with "Last know good configuration," try hi-lighting that. Hit enter, and hopefully your PC will boot okay. Good Luck!
  9. I used the Direcway email support and they got back to me fairly quickly (within 24 hours.) They suggest a bunch of tweaks such as changing my TCP/IP settings, DNS server, installing the LCCU_4.0.3.13.exe file. None of which seemed to do much good. I wrote to them again this morning. and my speed picked up again this afternoon. As of right now, 11:45 here on the East U.S. Coast my speed is back up in the 650 kbps range download. FAP's not an issue with me, 'though. I don't download that much. I have the residential rate, not the small business or enterprise version
  10. Am assuming that you're gonna get an optical mouse, right? I don't mess with the mechanical kind any more. Too much cleaning involved. Bought optical mice awhile back, and never looked back. They cost about the same as the ball n' roller type, anyway... Good Luck! Phrankl
  11. Hi, Yep, I've had erratic speed on my Dway6000 for about the past two weeks, also. First thing in the a.m. speed is good (for me, that is...) Running in the 665 kbps download range. Later in the day, drops into the 200 kbps range, then late at nite into the dial up--and lower--range. Needless to say, am a bit frustrated, too. Have liked the service up til' now. (Been a customer since Aug. 2004. Only can get dial up out here in the country. Upstate NY) I'm thinkin' that D-way has some system probs. or can't handle traffic congestion that's happening later in the
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