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  1. Fraps99 works just fine. Really easy to use too.
  2. "So I took my computer over to a friends house who plays the games all the time but my computer was still going extremely slow." It kinda sounds like you have already eliminated your inet connection doesn't it?
  3. The loss at hop 1 just means that router is not responding to ICMP. The fact that you are hitting hop 2 with 9ms shows that hop 1 is doing fine. There are several reasons this may be showing a timeout. Could be ICMP is turned off or that traffic utilization at the time requires that hop (router) to drop the ICMP packet for a higher priority packet. As long as you are looking good at the next hop I wouldn
  4. Quick Answer : 1: Possibly, depends on what you are trying to accomplish 2. Telnet 3. Yes
  5. There is absolutely no comparison. Cox high speed internet service beats any DSL provider hands down. Cox not only has higher speeds but also much better service and support.
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