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  1. uhh okay. I suggest you hire someone else to write that bill.
  2. Just a FYI...your ISP (Cox) does not detect you are uploading or downloading copyrighted content. They are merely following up on a complaint filed by the copywrite owner of the material or a legal rep of the copywrite owner. It doesn't matter what the incoming or outgoing port is and Cox is not interested in monitoring that traffic. If the owner of the material complains your ISP is obligated by law to take steps per Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
  3. Great, let us know how it works out in the morning or sooner if problems arise.
  4. Tim, we were supposed to be working on the inernal setting not the external. He shuld be fine.
  5. It is starting to sound more and more like a issue with your connection to the router but we can not rule out a modem issue yet. Considering you are having frequent IP conflicts I think you should take steps to resolve that once and for all so we can rule that out if problems continue. Assuming the router is set at default configuration it will hand out DHCP leases at xxx.xxx.xxx.100 and above (i.e if linksys - So I would recommend changing the IP address on your machine and changing it to something less than 100 in the last octet. http://www.hotcomm.com/FAQ/
  6. Great, signal levels look pretty good at the modem. More than likely it is not the problem of to many splitters. Since you have a router would it be a safe assumption that there is more than one computer using the connection? If so, lets wait until it goes down again and see if all workstations are losing connectivity. Also today when it was down did you try to ping you internal gateway as suggested?
  7. If you run ipconfig from a command prompt you will see what you internal gateway is (i.e. <-- default for linksys router) then at command prompt type ping -n 50 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (your gateway) and see if you get a response. External gateway my be a bit more difficult to determine if you don't have access to your router but it is displayed in your router configuration.
  8. It very well could be a modem or splitter problems as well as many other things. I would start by looking at the diag page of your cable modem. For Motorola that web address is You will want to post your results so we can get a look at that. Since there is also a router in the mix it would be informative to attempt to ping your internal gateway and external gateway at the time you are experiencing loss of service to see if and where the traffic is getting dropped at.
  9. Sounds good and I am glad you can find you diag page, but it may be more informational to see his logs before we make a judgment call.
  10. Sounds like you may be thinking of VNC. Its a great program, I use it on my webserver and personal PC. My favorite version is UltraVNC
  11. BTW its a little to early to assume you have a cable or splitter problem with out more info.
  12. LOL, I am not happy with what I am getting so is it okay if I steal something better?? Great justification.
  13. Yea, I am used to seeing it closer to 650 - 700 MHz range. If that was the case I would still stick to my guns on my original response. But in this case I give...
  14. Your persistance has helped to change my mind. I just noticed that -12 is at 111Mghz. That is a lot lower in the freq scale than I am used to working with.
  15. Umm okay, we can agree to disagree. Umm okay, we can agree to disagree. I have seen many modems operate just fine at those levels unless there is other drop or plant issues. Advising a tech to roll a truck unless there is other underlying problems is a waste of time and company money (IMHO).
  16. Neg twelve is just fine as is assuming the cable is good.
  17. Those levels look pretty good.It is within acceptable ranges. That being said with out knowing what the levels are at the tap and the distance of the cable its hard to say anything more than "within acceptable range".
  18. Any Motorola in the 5100 series would be what I recommend. Avoid Toshita (Toshiba) and Terayon modems as they suck IMHO.
  19. Most of the results you have posted exceed the quoted 12/1 speeds.
  20. I use it for recording in game play but it also records vid feeds as they play.
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