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  1. And still. TWC / Charter Comm., Aka Spectrum is routing my Connection to TestMy.Net out through California and back. Sometimes taking Multiple trips for the tests. I do have an upswing in outside the Internet Communications. That Police Report comes back to me through the New York Legislation on the phone. This is all about to shift into high gear. Now making the appointment for the sit down and review. They been sticking it to, too many for too long. Talk about having patients, Been two decades since I took down the 1st fifteen. And other than two month they been doing this all along. Might have made a big difference if I could have published this the 1st time through? But fact is, what they call fake news has even more that has never been allowed to be published than the lies published. But fake news and his ownership of New York Media brought about fake news and propaganda by George Soros 40 years ago, Starting with his USA Today Rag. You can thank Senator Crying Chuck Schumer for gaining Soros his dual citizenship to the United States. Goose Steppers we know...
  2. Paddle Ping Pong used the Tv. In the points of Microsoft. Bill Gates, 1st he brought to us, on Tandy, DOS 2.11 and Personal Deskmate. Dos 2.11 was the programming he light fingered from his college Roomie. He had written a Word Processing program while in his 2nd yr of college, I believe, called Monarch. Course WordPerfect and Draw Perfect put Bill ole boy Monarch to shame.. And the very 1st HardDrive from HardDrives International was a whooping 10 Megabytes.. Ain't used mine, of either 8086 or HX since 2009 I guess it were. Always ton of projects, and only two thumbs. Apple was a piece of hardware I never had much time for. But I did write program that allowed it to communicate with the IBM Compatible Head Start, Final Frontier for BattenKill Sport Quarters , White Water Rafting Company. Back in the 80's. But Apple was all about working for a News paper or News Media. IBM was whom I stuck with, as in Business Machine. And that was before the IBM / Apple Drive came of the manufactures line. But the Sport Quarters started on a Apple, the were having to many problems bringing in there POS, hence I gave then the path to get their Info off the Apple onto the IBM, Cost them less for my programming then it was for those first IBM / Apple Drives. Look Ma no Disks, LoL
  3. Tandy here. Two 5, 1/4 Floppy's, Hercules Monitor. Still have it. Course not quite the same, but really warping back now, Paddle Ping Pong. LoL But still have my Tandy HX 8088, with 1st HardDrive by Harddrives International. From 1st day, brand new, sounds like a ole New Holland Bailer out in the back 40ty, Ca-Chunk, Ca, Chunk, Ca-Chunk, Ca, Chunk... Still does....
  4. Don't know what to tell you, it use to be there. Or so I thought. But you'd said that it was coming up within "Help", as you've just shown me.. Let's put it this way, I started out on the 8086 in the early 80's. Yea, been doing this quite some time. Enough so, got rid of the New Edge, many screw ups in it. Was dropping streaming repeatedly and refreshing the page did not help. It actually brought you to "Fake News" with refresh. I know it to be true through listening to them. Caught the spin doctoring, Like this afternoon, I see they are reporting from Lake George, today.. Talking about Spectrum News. The only on my systems that has problems. None of the rest do, running at the very same time, Ain't ever had to refresh any the others Streaming Networks. Course Spectrum went as far as cutting off the ability to capture screen shot couple months back. I did get screen shots of the command they put in the HTML/ XML/ Mx_Macromedia page scripts for their streaming. This along with the Workman who coded the page that day. That's when the Supervisor for Charter Communications stopped replying of the problems he had me sending him in the email. He got a thousand Screen Shots to use as an indexed timeline to refer to the Protocol Analysis on. He never did download nor read the protocol analysis. Sent him the url to make 8it a download or simply open it from the server. Just another point of a business that does not give a chit about their customers on either side of Charter or TWC. And those Specifically under Spectrum, they are all a bunch of con-artist running Flim Flamms. Been a nasty day.
  5. Note the Alphabetical order. There are more pages there. Ping gives you the IP you need to Run the Command Prompt's Tracert. One Space and Copy in the IP you got from ping. Also, left button click the title bar of Command Prompt. You will get a drop down list. Note "Edit". You will like what you find there, makes things Quick and Easy in the use of Command Prompt.
  6. Have anyone noticed the drop of every other Test going from the Home ISP to the Chosen second server? As I chose Dallas, Tx for the Distance. Yet after literal years of running it that way, now I don't get my ISP reading. Anyone else getting this with theirs or am I the only? This speaking in the point of My Averages.
  7. Look through my testing here. You will see the BS games they are playing. They'll get you to chase your tail in all sorts of BS directions, always blaming your equipment. When facts are fact, More than one account on a node leave the subscribers in competition for the bandwidth leaving all subscribers on that node, losers. They sent the Road Crew workman out this morning [6-24-2020]. I told him to get off the porch and he can do his continuity test on the pole. He jumped back in the Van and left. Did not do diddlie. I'm done putting up with fake outcomes by those that had not even been to an Electronic Class. I did a few years back get an Engineer from the service to come out. Still got his name and number His Trouble shooting went exactly as mine had. A total Match. He gather up both my and his in forensic evidence and headed back to the shop. Never to be heard from again. That guess was about 3 or 4 years ago. Never replies to his voice mail since leaving here that day... Seriously, these conspirators in fraud need a jail cell. Why do you think they separate Billing from Tech on every problem? So the Billing department can continue to screw how much you are paying. Where Quality Control and Staying within Ascii Standard has become a Joke on which they can run their exploits on both Subscriber and Corporate Office. Where is the money going for those servers? You know the Corporate Office going to produce those invoices. But here again, The Corporate Office phone number did stop being published abut 5 yrs to a decade ago... Tough to tell until the US Marshall's Office does it yearly Cyber Criminal Sweep..... But the last time the Supervisor of all TWC Security founded my evidence for the court. That was how the Corporate Office got to bow out. Don't know who the judge will be yet. But the Corporate Office might not get the bow out this time. As they had already gotten it the 1st time. And here were are in the next decade, with evidence they never really stopped doing it. Lease not long enough to be considering they stopped breaking the law.
  8. I was just reading through the Forum, Saw the thread closed on SpeedTest.Net. This is an Adobe flash speed test. Fact is, it is a speed test with out a time line, but it is direct to your system being tested. What it does do is correlates peek point and gives you that results. But I did this to show how TWC / Charter Communications how they flipped the reading in sending TestMy.Net protocol readings to the lowest side by sending my systems transmission out through California and back to Virginia with a coordinated effort with Charter to slow the take on the bandwidth reading. When like I said, the streaming was coming in fine. Course except when they send the deliberate malicious coding or bottle neck the feed, a;so done purposefully to loose the narrative I brought up. Here is a new reading [6-24-2020]straight on from SpeedTest.Net.
  9. I should mention about the use of Command Prompt. Just Type Help. All the commands to use will pop up.
  10. With me, it was Google. I blocked all their use from my entire system at the fire wall. Which indeed includes the browser. The total failure of completion of the tests stopped. They've all been completing since the removal of Google. No Ghosts. nor Gremlins... but still need those in Technical of my ISP to stop the Bandwidth Stealing and Malicious Coding.
  11. The reason why yours is shorter than mine, you are coming from a different location than I. To the point out of the Request Timed Out on the second hop of yours? That server refused to identify itself, for whatever reason. The dots before the statement is how many times it refused you. I'm in the Northeast of New York, 20 miles from the Vermont Massachusetts border. You being in Amarillo, I would imagine, yours is going straight to Herndon, Virginia. Mine is bouncing coast to coast. Believe me when I tell you. This is not at all business as usual. Mine is a purposely rerouted protocol. Aka, Defined as Malicious Coding, a felony. These Network Operators are the third Level Tech of both TWC and Charter Communications. TWC controlling the east, Charter controlling the west. That info I gave you above. Verified proof. I;m suppose to be going straight down the east coast to Virginia. The TWC diverted my protocol onto the T-Bone that sent me west to Charter. They are totally in a criminal commission of a federal crime, against me. This to escape the justice of their actions leading up to here. But as dysfunctional as these criminals are, they get caught in a few more crimes to cover up their first. Bandwidth stealing and blaming it on Modems that are still current and fully working up to specs. When fact is, they are not buying new server for the new customer subscribers they are putting on. Piling more than one account on a server node. There in, Bandwidth Stealing. I called the Police out this afternoon about this. Yea, Officer was here and a report on his visit went in.
  12. Already given you above.. What more do you need, Sending a protocol on the T-bone across the country and back marks for the Time difference, the bandwidth measurements, Who are you trying to kid, I even did the IP trace. This is a the point of finding facts. Not playing some type game. If this is leading to something you wish to question me about that I missing, speak up? Myself,, this establishes my point well enough. With this back up along with Protocol Analysis is enough to get a warrant and a arrest, only need the material founded for there to be a sentencing made. Yea, already backed up, steadily. Seriously, looks to me like you are looking for some type of chink ub the armor, so to speak.
  13. Well there is something new. I have the download portion of the auto-test set at 100 megs. But in that this id the 33rd test, I see the megabyte status "gif" bar showing the starting size of 700 megabytes. There is indeed a skunk in the wood pile.
  14. Sorry about the miss-spelling last night www.googletagmanager.com And to further note, they've added about ten more links today. You are each going to have to start gathering these on your own. As me giving out the point will defeat my own security.
  15. Sorry, had to take care of the security 1st. fonts.googleapis.com www.google-analytics.com (\) had it marked the 1st time too, why I thought 4 www.googletagmanaer.com
  16. Like I said, they've done this before between TWC and Charter Communications. Sent me across the country and back ro an east coast connect across the entire of the United States. I'm in Northeastern New York, 12828. Seriously, These are low life criminals are in deep need of a jail cell.. 10 years to chill their sorry excuse for a soul needs it.
  17. I guess I can solve some of it, as I have caught them previously through Tracert's. Goes throught the normal networks here of TWC up to the T-Bone. then it goes to California then back to Virginia. Pinging TestMy.Net [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=30ms TTL=55 Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=55 Reply from bytes=32 time=28ms TTL=55 Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=55 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 26ms, Maximum = 30ms, Average = 27ms Tracert Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 4 ms <1 ms <1 ms www.routerlogin.com [] 2 8 ms 8 ms 10 ms 3 29 ms 23 ms 32 ms agg63.crpnny0202h.northeast.rr.com [] 4 17 ms 14 ms 18 ms 5 14 ms 16 ms 13 ms be26.albynyyf01r.northeast.rr.com [] 6 45 ms 39 ms 28 ms bu-ether14.hstqtx0209w-bcr00.tbone.rr.com [] 7 32 ms 29 ms 37 ms 8 30 ms 30 ms 31 ms 9 31 ms 32 ms 26 ms 10 27 ms 50 ms 35 ms 11 24 ms 25 ms 40 ms Trace complete.
  18. And Today has been a switch up between. 1st is taking longer to download than 5 minutes between is set for. Wreaks of Bottlenecking. This while 25 feet deeper in the home network is a low reading yes, but no Bottlenecking in the testing download or upload. These criminal A__holes I've been dealing with again these last couple years certainly like screwing with people that catch them in their criminal exploits. As those five Streaming video's networks, on different Devices are running fine. So are the three social web sites. I would guess to say TMN has an intruder playing games. I got no Admin Right's with you guys.. so this one is on your side to solve. As the points intentional screwed up points in proper calculations in math, will always turn the tables on their criminal BS, once again without fail. And to never forget, it is always rewarding to put such low life scum in prison, Justifiable Desserts.
  19. There are indeed many doing different things. And the point of Bandwidth Stealing is something my ISP has been doing for 2 decades now. Stopped for 2 months in the merger tween 2 Corps to take a new name. They use spikes in trillion of a second to alter a series of reading averages. As since addressing those in charge of either corporation each time, they spiked in the opposite direction just after being called on the cuff for their criminal activity in stealing the subscriber's subscription, from what it is suppose to be. Always blaming the Subscribers equipment. Even when they are doing it to an engineer in the business over 40 yrs now. Example: just now after these last 3 days and further back reading half what suppose.to have at about 50 megs, in confrontation of the facts, they are now using spikes in the negative direction. This showing the drop below 10 megs and as low as 1.5 megs . But fact is, they are indeed overbooked. Not buying the servers they need to support for the amount of subscriber contracted. This going back 2 years before Covid-19 when I took on the battle against these criminals of the 3rd level of Tech. Plainly spoken, Node sets the bandwidth for the subscription. And when they start piling more than one account on a node they leave the subscriber in competition for that bandwidth. Aka Overbooked & are Bandwidth Stealing. Right now I am running 5 different streaming services, plus two Social Web Sites.. Stream takes 1.57 megabyte to run one streaming service without failure with it's transmission, that is 7.85 megs in total in streaming services alone. So when you see a reading below what your quality is showing in streaming, You can see what the 3rd level techs are doing to counter act the current actual reading average. And they do this in both direction. This to counter they narrative being spoken from a more than mere well Informed subscriber. Liken when they started offering a 200 meg bandwidth service. They had hit their maximum ever of 145 megs, There in taking on new higher contracted subscription they'll play these spike games with. As nothing has been gained higher than the 145 megs. On top of this, They are calling out for Modems to the customer stating the equipment is old and out of date They even call out those noted by the Network Operators on your modem. These operaters are the 3rd level techs, LoL, seriously they are.. When the fact is, If you are running Docsis 3.0 at 1 gig of processing speed you are indeed current. Aa I, like some other users have already been looking over Docsis 3.1 and the 2 modem manufactures that have already sign in on Docsis 3.1. And a word further here, These modems are not even come off the manufactures assembly line yet. My ISP and their Bonehead 3rd level Tech, of either Corporation have yet to sign in on Docsis 3.1,, Lmao, and yet even though I have the new modem ordered, Retailer 2 month ago went to the point of shipping will come directly from the manufacturer. They (3td Level) Cin Artist in need of a cell, lie like rugs. This from me who put 15 if their engineers in the Federal Pen 10 years each in 2003 for these very same felony commission of crime. These third Level Tech, have access in such programming such as MX_Macromedia (Adobe Flash), XML and HTML. So yes you have allot to keep track of in their Bully routines when you speak up about their crimes. The Point of Google was what I found to be knocking out the second test I was running from the deepest point of my home network. Finding it in the code through the Browser would in a court of law, indeed be deemed Malicious Coding. Yes, another crime. Remember, Google is a gang of criminals lying through their teeth and double dealing the Deck in Hidden Agenda's. In my book and first hand experience Google has been a pack of criminals from their very start.
  20. Well, I don't know what to tell the rest of you. You must make up your own mind. Google I just spoke of is totally blocked here, Their Tech will have to write something new. I gave the block at my every connection but my landline. Lucky I'm on the Do Not Call List many years. Plus the advancement Trump brought making to making Robo Calls illegal Back to Google, I would drop their paths on the inbound and Outbound.. of Advanced Firewall settings. If you have not got the browser to collect that information of their URLs. Let me know? I publish them. There are 3 here at TestMyNet, Yet, I have four of Googles URLs blocked. So yea, this ain't the first place I've run into them. Blocked on my smartphone during activation. as that's where the Buck Stopped on their Terms of Service. Yea, I seen them long before they were called into Congress. And that investigation is still on going. just held at Bay by the Democrats in the House in their Push for that New World Order. Be there no doubt, the are out to make the world Communist. Fact. Wish to learn more of Linux gone Android? Hook Up with Syware and start using Linux, All their different Operating Systems.
  21. Thats what I get with sharing info on TestMy.Net. They just attempt to drop an exploit on my secondary running bandwidth test,, Adding a new to the list of those going down, Pretty much figured this would come last month due to changes that went down in the Bandwidth testing.. I'm coming, and H3LL for you is coming with me. Idiots, Not highly intelligent.
  22. I just found Google Analytics.,Js coming in you html running code and collecting My information on that 2nd Machine. extended into me well beyond advertisements. I just went into development tools and cut their code to shreds. I would suggest you have a talk with google, Advertisements is one thing stepping out beyond that to use the browser to collect private information is quite different. This as I have signed nothing with the criminal end of Google to take away my Constitutional rights. Act of Subversion (Proven) . Unconstitutional Findings (proven) has only one Title, ~ Treason....Wanna play Dip sticks, try someone who does not know the law as well as I do. Spend some time in a Law Library sometime. You'll find it enlightening enough to piss you off at times like this. There in have the follow through to hang in there and do what needs getting done.. I have someone in 1st contact in my Skype you might be very interested in. President Donald J. Trump. And yes, we speak one on one. As I took screen shots of Google Coding before shredding your code. I would estimate he's like to see all those errors you've been creating in my Microsoft Edge Browser.. I'm going to crush you can MFer. Time to pound plow shares into Swords.
  23. Do you yet understand what is happening within the system you work or just run gamming., or the many other Avenues. of the Internet. I do. I wrote the thesis "EarthSat" I 1985. In my last year of a New York State Tech School. But not to end their the School(s) I went to. Within EarthSat, I brought TCP from mothballs out the Pentagon for a promotion of a Virtual Commerce. AT&TJ of Schenectady, NY Jovain's Empire picked up my Thesis I published on the BBS, They in turn brought in Aboba from UCLA. As I had said in my thesis, all we need is a program to run the Telephone numbers, Aka IP. As what I brought to bear was an Upgrade to Alexander Grand Bell Telephone Relay System in a conference call. Today known as the DNS and DHCP. Point is, this is NS. Me having to flag my own credentials to say, the ISP's treat all Subscribers as computer illiterates, lie, cheat the customer. and there ain't none better, Verizon say they have Fios here in District NY_21. When the fact is they are lyi9ing through their teeth. Only Fiber optics here was designed by retired NY State's [GOV] Engineer Roy Sifert. It is Government Access only between Glens Falls and Albany.. Where they falsely label a DSL Modem and the plug it into the telephone jack. Tell the new customers there is fiber optics at the rend of their street, or some such BS story. When even with that of this story is crap. As the Engineering constant shows. A chain is only as string as it's weakest link.. Another words even if it was true of it being at the end of the street, which it is not, but if it was, you still would get anything better than what those two copper wires would provide. I can go on here, as there is much going on that is Highly Illegal. And the crapola of politicians saying new laws been to be written for these technology is needed. Just another pile of horse dung. As we do have Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 (Ascii Standard.), 18 U.S.C. 1030, 1984.Bill, 1986.Act... And they are breaking the law. I bet you don't even know whom is pushing big bucks to push things all around into Illegal.. His name, George Soros, Retired SS Officer of the Hitler Youth Group. Yea where he made all his money, by Killing Jews and taking their family fortunes for his own. I bet you did not read his interview to Newsweek 1979 where he admitted to all and coming here to destroy the United States and how much he hated us Americans. Soon as Senator Chuck Schumer got Soros his dual citizenship to the United States. He used hid USA today to buy out all media in NY State. Oh yea, CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN. Catching on yet of those being deemed "Fake News".. Are you catching on yet to what is happening. Do you understand who you might be working for? Time to crush the can, not kick it down the road.
  24. I'm running the best know, either you know each of the browser that are offered, or you do not. Being an Engineer of forty years and the point of holding my MCSE since 1995. I do know the differences and we both know those 3rd party browsers are BS in ever deepening grades. Or hey you can go the point of Google Chrome and have all you do recorded with their Fire Base Analytics to their Sensor Vault [Cloud] and sold to places like the Chinese Military. Remember dragged into Congress for what? Yea, I'm not only great in Networking Forensics, I'm a Conservative Constitutionalist That has not only spent lots of time in a Law Library. Also being in school for the second time while the Computer Fraud and Abuse Bill was written in 1984 and signed into Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 (Ascii Standard.), 18 U.S.C. 1030, 1984.Bill, 1986.Act. This which brought the point to bear of Ascii Standard. There in a law that has been repeatedily broken a very long time. Then to ad to this the points of Advertisement by these tech firms have indeed been out-rightly lying to customer for years.. If you wish to know what you purchase, you best know the laws that surround it. Especially if you been working for the US Pentagon in the 1st emails overseas the onto running Forensics for FedCirc, referred to as Homeland Security since 2003 under the Patriot Act.
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