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  1. Now it cannot complete a single test, still on the 2nf. This while maintaining the connection here on the 1st all the while without one test failing. and on the second all the while maintaining a streaming news connection. If this isn't sabotache I do not know what is. I would guess they believe me to be a Bull Sh-ttr. So didn't Michael Hogan, Head engineer for TWV in 2003. Him and his 14 little followers, Also engineers for TWC. He was the lead engineer in Cook County Chicago. Don't believe med, check the reco0ord. These sob's and their buddies I will take down.. O hope no one is helping them, As I do record all incoming and outgoing protocol down to the MAC address of device uses along with it's IP.. One if the points that make it a undeniable criminal court case. Want to play Cyber Criminal. know their are those like me out here that like nothing better than to put criminals behind bars. Course after 10 years in prison, you have a life time to receive your regrets for doing so, As you can never use tech again. If caught with as much a smart phone, it's back to prison for a few more years. repeatedly, till you leave it out the tech from your life..
  2. Sorry about the typo's/ Any way after I typed this above I went back to try the 2nd machine I'm running the test on. Successful it is up to now.. Ad just for a heads up, I'm not someone new. Been here longer than Main Frames were retired and the 8086 1st hit the market// then to come 40 years in the business. Nice to meet yall.
  3. I've got the same going on. This on a second machine deeper in my home network. One running ar the modem and the one that keeps flipping off the page to a Cannot contact default page. This where a ping all packages are loss. Twice tonight it has done this. After many months of running both close to 24/7 for those months. This 2nd is 25 feet from the Modem and Router on a Switch. And of course Ethernet. Came in for the test running two Uploads and Download test, then your web site went gone again this all the while I've been running the test on the 1st machine and yet on the 2nd at the same time streaming Movies from the Internet of my home ISP.. Also streaming all the same time on 3 other smart Tv's from other streaming web sites online. Other than tracking these Bandwidth Criminals two decades, putting 15 of their engineers in prison 10 years each for Bandwidth Stealing in 2003 and a;; along till this recent bane change and merger of 2 months they been at it all along. Not learning a damn thing. Anyway, I thinking this is another point in then cutting the thread on the protocol at the server. No doubts what it is, As I caught then in evidence of Malicious Coding in the streaming with what appears as Beta testing in a Subscribers active stream. Introducing blocks and barriers, cross over and preventing screen shots of the feed. With BS excuses that everyone is doing it. When they are indeed the only. Cutting off the streaming feed 20 to 30 times a day. But only in one browser. Seriously.... I could go on with the list of duplicit BS coming out of this crew of criminals. Calling for a change in Modem. While they've not yet signed into Docsis 3.1 now gave the new NetGear nor Arris for Docsis 3.1 even off the assembly line yet. Yea, their lies and smoke and mirror routine come up so short they are back over the horizon behind us. Seriously Dysfunctional. And that is not a belittlement, That is a Professional Diagnosis. .
  4. I was an Excede user, Their system are not even in the DSL range. Fact , every 12 to 20 minutes the Satellite Transponder sends the protocols, That leaves you a very long waiting time for any "single" function call to complete. It's a RIP. Last update to Commercial Transponder or Receiver was made by 'Hughes" back in the 60's, early 70's. Fidonet on the Bulletin Board System in the early 80's was faster with a modem at 300bps. False Advertisement and Claims made by Excede, aka, Exede and WildBlue high-speed Internet services are provided by ViaSat. Any way you slice it They brag of a Exede 12 Mbps service. Thats is, they can, right up till you add a time line. As that brag only last as long as the Transponder is transmitting. Again, DSL is better at 3 mbps.
  5. First time I've seen it and I've been your service quite along while. Only a one man operation here since before 1986, That my start after college. What I would ask, Do you run Protocol Analysis. As if there is a break-in you'll have evidence down to where the break in came from. I run it here 24/7, 365. This time line correlated with event logs tells you just how they did it. If you record it in redundancy, it is then court admissible evidence, acceptable to a court of law. A witness so to speak. No the was no interruption to the test. It was not a mere spike to zero, at the longest lasted 10 minutes at it's longest. this where it repeated over days intermittent disappearing for a half hour to an hour at times. I know where it comes from. ISP techs dropping more than one account on one node. There in leaving subscribers to competition for the bandwidth the node is set to. But that explains the reason for the bandwidth acting sporadic. I put 15 engineers in federal prison for this in 2003. It is against the law and called bandwidth stealing.. I've actually recorded some ISP's dropping as many as 250 accounts on one node. That was about 5 years ago. That's when no one gets anything they paid for.
  6. How is it after I call Time Warner Cab le, Aka Spectrum to report my Bandwidth below zero going there in the 4th time this week.At the points of time they occurred & I still being logged in on a 12 hour speed test to find the beginning of these test still being run now been deleted in it's first part during the 10th. Those points coming up on midnight start just after 10 pm? Bandwidth Stealing is a felony good for a minimum of 10 yrs in prison. I Testmy.Net a part of a community to keep from criminal exploitation, or is it place where backroom payoff's is the authority of cover up. Not a happy camper in my findings to say the least! Note how the 6th is drawed out in a much larger section of time line yet the 10th gone in the beginning of the testing?. I have the exact point of timed when at zero bandwidth refrerence recorded from when I was on the phone with Spectrum. This as I do record all phone calls. As you see thoseg points on the 19th are no longer there.. Are you part of the problem or part of the cure. As we are talking about aiding the commission of a felony?
  7. Yes you are right about what you are seeing, and Time Warner has many great strides to actually deliver me what you see of a 50 meg service I pay for. Misinterpret, no, not at all. You just show it better than it's been or is now. Comcast had the close to prefect speed test. But no longer. This due to a online bully type peer pressure all brought about a mistaking of facts about packets dropped and a Wireshark test spoken of yet in no way reflected the exacting tests 24 hour speed test run. But these what brought the end to the only accurate test online I had ever seen in my over 40 years of experience. So last year I tried yours. Found it faulty then. Just like that of the Adobe's Flash test. This year I took the 4 hours to give yours a look see. This where for two years, almost three now, I have received less than 10 megs of my suppose to be 50 megs. Where simple 1.75 megs should provide any streaming video without buffering. Where sync problems occur every time a bandwidth hits zero. Which were, up till this Fall occurring about every 3 to 5 minutes. This that started out to be a color bleed over the year before. In case you don't know what this is. Where the Web Site, such as Crackle or Hulu would send out the appropriate stream called for. But the ISP bandwidth would drop below zero. (No Bandwidth) There in the machine only receiving part stream and the first set of pixels would carry all the way to the bottom of the screen, there in color bleed over. Course this problem was finally overcome last year. These problems both are the result of no regulation in the bandwidth. Being able to jump well above the bandwidth and able to drop well below the bandwidth. Upside of the bandwidth being used by the engineers attempting to compensate for so many accounts on one node. Downside of the bandwidth occurring due to more accounts calling for the bandwidth and too many accounts demanding more than the node has to give. Engineers attempting to compensate for Corporate board members refusing to buy enough servers for all the new account they had sale putting on. Where do you think that money is going? Guess, Remember the AIG and claims of doom for the finances of the US. Bush refused to give credence to their smoke and mirror trick. Then along comes Obama, pumped that ole 6 trillion out. What did the AIG do. Gave themselves raises and bonuses with the money! Corporate boards of the ISP services are no different. Fats cats at the top chasing their own greed. But to the facts of your tests, with what I was doing on my end, those readings should have bottomed out. As I still am not getting a 50 meg service. As Road Runner just started to break the bounds of 10 megs tops, three weeks ago. Where the regulation has still not been set, where more than one account is still on a single node. Where new accounts are just being thrown on a node that appear to have the extra open and still in use by another account holder. They are playing a game of chance, where they figure these two account won't be online at the same time. To now,, they are starting to get more than ten accounts on one node. Yet a 50 meg service is going to have a variance to it. It won't just be a straight 50 megs you get all the time. Your test shows to be real close to an acceptable variance than anything I have yet received. Yet tomorrow I go back at their billing department as once again they've started to up the bill saying all has been fixed. When the fact is, it isn't and their road crew Supervisor just admitted to the facts I already knew. This now without having a a valid speed test reflecting what is going on in fact. As Comcast had provided that last time through. You see I know WireShark well. As well as all protocols and been with WireShark since they were first announced online. And I'm the guy that brought TCP from moth balls where it was left by the Pentagon at the start of Enable. I had clearance to the Archives of the Pentagon. Original designer of the DNS and DHCP in a promotion for a virtual commerce in 1986. This to simulate a telephone relay system. Yea, was my graduating thesis, I shortly later published on the BBS and where Aboba of UCLA came in through the encouragement of AT&T's Jovian's Empire of Schenectady, New York. Back then, my BBS, Eagle Consulting and Software. Still my DBS today. But even with all my experience, fighting Bandwidth Stealing in a daunting task.. One which I put 13 Roan Runner Engineers and two Cox cable Engineers in federal prison for in 2003. Two Roger;s cable Engineers got away with it back then. Yea, across to border.. Take them down, and ten times as many replace them. To price gouging now goes all the way to the top...
  8. I have just concluded a 4 hour test. This which is the maximum that can be run. In so doing and seeing the changes since my first downloadable test from Comcast 24 Hour Speed test. I have confirmed the points I had already seen. This as I overloaded these points during the testing. Which is recommended against as it would drag down the test and show a much smaller showing in the bandwidth than it truly is in fact. This all the while running three machines against the test. All active. Even running a TV series streaming non-stop. The TV series never buffed-out once. Luckily my Local Network engineers have been working of the problem and have made great strides to overcome to little servers for all the new members they added these last two almost three years now. But the fact remains I should have drawn the bandwidth down well below 10 megs per sec. Instead "miraculously", I show a normal functional bandwidth of 50 megs per second, where if I was only running one machine straight to the modem. Especial seeing two of the three machines where running speed test set to 10 megs in both directions set to every 5 minutes per test on each. To the additional of running one machine testing 5 test behind the other. That seals it, your speed testing has indeed join the ranks of the Adobe Flash test. This to bamboozel the computer illiterate. Well, Just to high-light the whole situation, "I am on Time Warner Road Runner"! Where line attenuation has not been published in almost 3 years that I know of. Where regulation was taken from the frequencies used. And all to create the impossible task of allowing more than one account on a node work so all may receive their appropriate bandwidth . But the fact is the Node sets the bandwidth on that node. This leaving all accounts of that node in completion for that bandwidth and none actually receiving the bandwidth they are contracted for. Luckily, as I said earlier, They finally heeded the points of the computer and fraud abuse act of 1984. This which speaks directly to these points of Ascii Standard. Hence having to actually buy the servers need to support their customer number they have.. In as far as what this speed test is - BS !
  9. What happen to the test? What's this flash quick test they are running now. Has mytest gone over to the other side to use a fraudulent testing that actually leaves out the time line and correlating peek points to match the Adobe flash test? I hadn't been back here in quite some time, as my ISP is still load too many accounts on one node. Even our last Road Crew Supervisor said recently it was going to take some time before they had the right amount of servers to provide the appropriate bandwidth. Now I come back to see how they are doing putting a spin on what speed test is used???? I'm a NYS Certified Tech since 1986, now Engineer for over a decade. It takes 24 hours straight against the modem to gain a proper accounting of the bandwidth available for use. I find the graphing used now to be vague and miniscule in comparison...
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