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  1. So not to confuse, which I did do. I was speaking of bandwidth testing and went to the point of ISP without mention of the original subject I am here for, the ISPs. Current re-editing is unavailable. Not certain what happen, But your server reported an error when I tried. Sorry about that. Was the thing of multi-tasking that brought it around. When I came back to reread this when the error occurred.
  2. I'm very glad you did. But in that of Google, right now they're being prosecuted for their many crimes by the Department of Justice. That which I'll speak more of in the bye and bye. But having this point of your service to the community for the founding of bandwidth evidence is the point of a great service. As there are too many fraudulent Bandwidth tests out there. Most active in that point of use have no time line and filtered to peak points. But this one I'm on now for fact is indeed over the top in false fraudulent advertisement. Been running these Networking Forensics decades spanned. Indeed they are an anchor on the a_s of Tech evolving. Course with the point of keeping up with current events no doubts you already know this. And it is a point of much what I speak, I know first hand in the big picture from the beginning. Yea, since they started closing down the Main Frames and the start of selling Computers to the Home Market.
  3. As I was stating above, Without notice 17th my service were removed on a Fake run through by the Missouri attorney, Though the check a 4th month without their raise in prices. As Local Law Enforcement informed me I had to take them on myself just yet. Thus not paying the extra and check in the mail for 90% with a prenotice to the service of such and they received before the 23rd deadline as the attorney stated it in a USPS letter me, they shut off my services on the 17th. This back in July. I'm back online with another service. Turned on to have internet, yet the point of Installation never completed server side. As their server login beyond this Jalopy of a Actiontec Modem Router doesn't even afford you a Manual. PDF. They use a Forum Thread Tech Service, LoL. No kidding. It gets real deepen the BS with this unit, but to be brief. They've got their Sign in Web Component restricted to Fios (Fiber Optics they do not have) and Wireless (I don't use, Disabled). Even with the wireless enabled it is restricted due to it is not written for DSL/ Broadband. Which exists to a 3 meg service the Modem / Router states in 100 Megs per sec, for two copper line telephone cable connect. So no secure connect is provided thus far for 3 months now. Fact is, I been waiting about twenty minutes for the 1st 100 meg Download 6 meg upload to complete.. Seriously folks, false advertisement and well more than Double billing exists. I will go on to speak of much, much more in the corruption a criminal commissions of crime that exists as time goes on. But to say for now, I'm lining up the Ducks.
  4. After a Week and a couple days, I'm back online. I was refused services at Spectrum, aka Time Warner Cable / Charter Communications. It was Attorney ordered and now about to go to court on the points of their Criminal Use in Bandwidth Stealing and Malicious Coding. Course they kicked me off as they already loss their Harassment Suite against me, about a decade ago. As a Subscriber complaining about the service cannot be deemed Harassment. As the Judge put it. I am left to believe it's their attorney from Missouri who been warning me of Harassment charges since after it was already thrown out of court. So point of their cover up in making false accusations, instead of taking their medicine for their criminal activities. Those activities already collected and founded in confirmed. Would be questionable if this was my very first case. But it's not and they "TWC" did not learn the first time I put 15 of their Engineers in the Federal Pen the 1st time I 2003. Their going to have to learn the hard way again. Police Report was made and now going to the DA
  5. Just a passing thought, <My Archive here goes much deeper than most would suspect. I use to download all the test logs. *.cvs and the like. But there are many ways to save the format. The archive I believe has been shortened up from what it was. As the yearly goes back to 2011 I believe. But I was using this system before they split off from what, "the Mother company in New Mexico." and before you were called TestMy.Net. It was either that or Face Off whom I seek. But was a very smart move to become your own. They were out to silence people, their ignorance is to this day, barking at our heels for what is not theirs.
  6. Though I do keep Tiger Oscars since the Late 70's. & I do have Aquariums. I'm guessing you are speaking on my graphic artwork. That is not an aquarium. That is a Screen Shot from the movie the Last Witch Hunter, movie starring Vin Diesel. Then from my Heritage, on my fathers side, lining the outside, Kickapoo Parfleche Flag. And of course my own choice of lettering in my statement.
  7. Oh it gets better than that. In moving the test to the secondary out of the 1st computer to continue both TestMy>Net Testing and WireShark, That continued against my Protocol Analyzer, with TestMy.Net no longer on that computer they were still attacking wireshark. That's the thing about those ignorant type hacker sitting in the back seat, they are guessing what the user is doing. Aka, my reference I use about many criminal types in the position. They are "Back Seat Drivers". They can't see the road ahead as the driver can. No full windshield, no rear view mirror can be seen, can't reach accelerator or brake. Operating by guessing and social exploits. Such as reading transparency at a forum. Hence my comment well above of the skunk in the Woodpile.... Those criminals within my ISP are indeed starting to shake. As the more they practice their criminal choices, is the more they add to their own nails in the Jail cell to come. FACT...
  8. And now since I mentioned this above, it has started coming during after the 4th time. As 1st 3 times I recorded it hadn't. Like I said before, this had never occurred before when running Both the Bandwidth test and Wireshark at the same time. I'll be digging deeper into Wireshark's new protocols. But off the top my head, there isn't anything close to this in the news that came with WireShark's updates.
  9. Maybe someone would like to tell me why your New York Server is sending buffer request to my WireShark Programming this evening? This in a point of Malicious Coding. Oh yes, I always record and investigate such occurrences. But this is not coming during the upload nor download times timed activation.. It is something totally new and never occurred before during the dual use.
  10. Well, the info I'd been giving in detail is about to go non-transparent. Fact, if you've got a skunk in the wood pile. You definitely ain't gonna want to get wood for the fireplace. believe me, this isn't happening to one person. This is state and nation wide. Course as most ignorant cyber criminals they will do all they can to keep from being taken down by the DOJ. These Idiots depend on everyone being computer illiterate and putting out false propaganda. They attempt to use miss uses of technical terms to maintain their illusion in smoke and mirror tricks. These that are my current ISP Bi-Corporations are not the only up to no good. Verizon sold a False stated Fios Modem. Black marked in red letter Fios Verizon. Fact is here from Albany to Glens Falls was the very 1st Fiber Optic system. Verizon's modem was actual DSL. It plugged two copper wires into the telephone lines, That Fiber Optic system created by then NYS Engineer was and is, Government Access Only. He who designed this 1st Fiber Optic system in the world a personal home town friend of mine. Verizon have no Fiber Optics here in the North Country. I can go on with the duplicity of the Left and their devious underhanded exploits. How about these points of calling some device 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G and say this is their improved speed in ISP connection. That is a buffaloed division of the facts, As those are processing speeds of the device you buy. It is not the bandwidth you subscribed to. As in the points of cell technology. that Bandwidth between Device and Cell tower. It has been 68 megabytes per second. It's still is. that is the CPU/Bus speed in processing. You process what you are able to receive from that 68 megs per sec in the connection to the cell tower. Believe me there is much more to their BS than I mention here. enough said for now and those deep in corruption. Yes, and it is a part of the Left (Democrats) handed idiots that believe they'll take down the Republic Gov of the United States. Are you reading this Senator Schumer? You and Soros are going to hang for your planned course in Treason, I will indeed see to it you hang. There is a tribunal coming for you and Goose Stepper George Soros. As you've been the biggest criminals I'd ever tracked. Over my Dead Body Schumer. You're Toast. It is a real conspiracy and no theory about it, we have collected and recorded, and now that evidence in being processed at the top, start to your finished, No rant, no rave, Just the facts.
  11. How do you block this troll? I find no such access. 1st time I have had to here and I been here a few years and never did I experience such a presumptuous idiot. Never mind I found it.. (((Poof)) gone.. I'll be back after awhile to answer you cholla.. I need to chill out
  12. xs1 Beta Tester Kiss my ass, bottom feeder. I was a Beta tester for more systems than you've had years of life, Was part of the first emails overseas under the 1st President Bush, still have clearance access to the Archives of the Pentagon and ran Networking Forensics for Federal Law Enforcement tracking criminals. I'm the one whom brought TCP from the Archives in 1985 in a promotion for a virtual commerce. Permission from the Joint Chiefs. I am the Writer of the Thesis EarthSat that brought around a Upgrade to Alexander Grande Bell's Telephone relay system in a conference call. AT&T Schenectady, NY AT&T picked up my thesis (Jovian's Empire BBS on Fidonet) and brought in Aboba from UCLA as we needed a program to hand out the telephone numbers, aka IP. Yea, the DNS and DHCP. Or maybe you'd like to talk about the computer systems you designed. Ever get recognition through Intel? You'll find me there, 2nd week of March 2003. The 1st hardware multimedia system on the DM850 EMVR. Yea that one that gave Microsoft one more production of XP Multimedia... And right now your dysfunction is on show creep. Big starting indicator you are most likely running Malicious Code when you feel you can get away with I &, easy flimsy in holding to your own honor. This as you guess work of me and what I have lived in my life show you in box thinking where your cannot think beyond your own doings. And like the rest of the snow flakes blaming others for your own practices. Your foil hat fits you Chitbird You wanna put some facts behind you BS, mouth piece? I produce facts not fiction. You talk BS attempts to Bully away someone.. Bring it on chit bird, I'm more than easy to find. And I don't back down. Pull your head put your ass and realize Troll, If you do not respect on the walk in, your are likely to get knocked out. Crawl back under you bridge Troll.. Prolly one the TWC 3rd level screw ups running Beta testing in the Subscriptions of streaming. Of so,, I've recorded your BS and my networking forensics has 100% success in finding conviction in a court of law.. Are you ready for a ten year stretch in the federal pen? Screw up..
  13. You should see how much their Tech squawk when you use a VPN. They bring all their criminal activity to bear on you. Serious, I have a VPN I do not use. And it is a bully routine they attempt to run. Maybe you don't see the big political picture that been going on decades. That has come to the place of in your face openly admitting to their crimes today. Depending on Rather you are speaking to a Third Level IT or a 1st level IT. 1st speaks the corporate script, 3rd level gets in your face and tells you, go ahead, do something about it. I record all calls. Course they started out lying on the 3rd, but when confronted with the facts these last two years their sick ego is the heights of Everest. And you've understood, it's not one or the other, it's all and more. Seriously, every time I speak up about their criminal activity another exploit is soon to follow. If you remember clicks in high school, you know the pattern of their reactions to someone in the know of their BS song and dance..
  14. Well, solves this problem. Due to the new 308 function codes where Spectrum TWC . Charter Communication cross the legal line into Malicious Coding. They are indeed knocking out Https, being the S in any other use of web addressing inoperable. This like the point where they previous knocked out the point of any screen shots of their streaming service 4 months before Covid-19 came to roost. Or the point where they intentionally cut of use to Fox News to force the point of the Spectrum Liptard Fake News. Like we do not know CNN total crap ain't a well known TWC Programming. They are so deep in multiple criminal enterprises they are into that threads of a forum can barely cover all. These known all the way back when cable first came of no more commercials in cable promise of the 60's where their open bold face lies began. It would be great if they actually had competition. But Blue State Governors allow then for their Propaganda that evades truth in facts. Hence Ex AG Schneiderman's, Cuomo's lieutenant running the fake court case against TWC and Modems. Course AG Schneiderman fell on his sword for a lesser charge than all the crimes him and Cuomo where up to and most still going on in Cuomo's pay for play schemes. Some dating back and still being used since Andrew Cuomo was Governor. Cuomo's family law firm still handling all matters and money of NYS DOT. GE Clean Up, you name it. Look in the dictionary under the word Corruption, You'll find Mario & Chris Cuomo's photo's there.
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