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  1. I just downloaded it and I don't know what settings to use.
  2. I used the Arctic silver cleaner and purifier and then some Artic Silver 5. Worked out great.
  3. It's not so little, but that thing is a monster!
  4. I have a port in the front, but it's obscured by the faceplate. I just realized that I only have one 3 pin wire on my power supply and that's being used. How can I hook up a 2nd case fan. There's a 4 pin conector... is there an adapter?
  5. Sorry for the confusion. They are on the back of the case and the ports are perpendicular with each other. There are no other ports. Only one is in use at this time. It looks like this: [_] [_]
  6. Thanks... I have the 80mm case fan. I have 2 case fan ports, one on top of the other. Should I have one fan blowing in and one fan blowing out?
  7. Ok, the fan on my processor is acting up and I would like to replace it. I have an Asus P4P800s motherboard and a Pentium 4 3.3 GHz processor. Can someone tell me what fans are compatible with that processor? Also, I have one case fan that is a little loud and I'd also like to add another. How do I know which size to get? The key word on all these fans is quiet!! Thanks!!
  8. I cleaned it out. I got the computer in the spring and had it throughout last summer with no problems. It only recently started acting up. If I run it without the AC being on it sounds like a jet airplane.
  9. I got a 1 meg card of Corsair DDR, 400 RAM. It's supposed to be good stuff. Is there any way I can change the fan on my processor? It's acting up.
  10. Thanks! When I try to set up the account in outlook, it asks for port numbers or something like that. What should I put? Would I be better off getting rid of outlook and downloading Thunderbird?
  11. What are normal fan speeds and temps? I installed motherboard monitor and I'm running 52 degrees on the CPU and 30 on the case. The fan speed is currently 4166 rpm.
  12. I didn't watch him install it. Would a diagnostic program help me?? If it's broken, how can I replace it?
  13. I have Comcast and I would like to set up another email address. How do I go about doig that?
  14. A friend of mine built my computer and now my fan is acting up. He's not aroud to fix it and I want to try and take care of it myself. The fan is really revving fast and it's VERY loud. For some reason, it doesn't do it when I have the air conditioner on and the room is cool. It didn't do it when I first got it, but now it does it constantly. I don't know what kind of fan it is or what to do... help!
  15. I want to add more RAM to my computer, how do I figure out what kind I should get? I currently have 512mb and want to add another 512 mb. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  16. Thanks for the reply. Battery life is semi-important, but not a deal breaker. I'd probably upgrade the battery. I saw they Dell offers a $750 off coupon. I could get a top of the line Inspiron 6000 for like $1200. Not too bad! How are Gateway laptops?
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