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  1. Well I have a Bose Companion 3 Computer Speaker system for sale that I purchased about 6 months ago, I bought them for $225 on sale. They are in excellent condition like new. Im looking to get around $150 for them. Give me an offer.
  2. and an svchost taking up 10,000k
  3. explorer.exe.. btw i dont use IE I use mozilla
  4. all the time, adware and spyware :-
  5. Sometimes when im playing a game or sometimes out of no where my computer will start running at 100% process and start lagging everything my specs are below. If anyone knows of a way to fix this 'problem'. please post. Thanks in advance. AMD Athlon 3000+ 512MB DDR 120 out of 160gb free.
  6. But I have SP2.. Just no CDs my Comp only came with Recovery CDs
  7. What if we dont have the XP Home SP2 CD that is required for the patch? Any tips Van?
  8. Does anyone know much about this patch, and where I can find it? Thanks
  9. It freezes at 40% on a DVD file. .....
  10. Well I have 2 256MB(512MB) DDR 2700 sticks, and my comp has been laggy because I have alot of data stored on my computer.. and my mother board A7N8X-LA is an HP mobo and is locked so I cant really OC it.... so I was wondering if anyone knows of a program or good way to clean memory files? or a program to tweak my mem and make it run a little better. I am going to defrag but it freezes alot at 40% on a DVD file
  11. and pings, never got any info on Fiber Gaming, other than LAN, but hows the internet cloud pings for ya, and im not talking about just local servers
  12. Well my comp has been pretty laggy latly and I went to defrag but that is going to take about 7 hours but would I notice much of a different with a defraggin?
  13. Ok, well I have 2 HDs install atm C: (110GB) and L: (60GB)... C: previously had a partition for Recovery (5GB) which I didnt need so I deleted it through Partition Magic. So now I would like to combine it back to C: so I have my full 110GB rather than 105GB. But I am not sure how to go about doing this. Thanks in advanced for any help.
  14. risky


    Im a CS Source player, come play in my server sometime based in NY, my name is LooT .. hope to see you there sometime
  15. Im looking for someone to make me a banner that says "|EcH| East Coast Hustle" ... its for a Counter Strike Source clan I host and I would like a professional looking style banner, thanks guys
  16. www.torrentspy.com www.torrentreactor.net www.torrentsearch.com elitetorrents.org (invite only)
  17. welcome to the site paladin but this is the wrong thread
  18. Im looking for a good FTP Prog to upload files to my server. Thanks
  19. Im not surprised... Karma will come for him
  20. For some reason I AM shocked... I have never seen MS try to discriminate a software company for using its software on Windows systems... unless its a IE thing
  21. hmm not too sure, make sure any file transfers are off and read this http://www.testmy.net/topic-2097 and if nothing on there works, might want to call up them cox. GL
  22. Ok well to finish things off, compressing a folder with video files or the files themself will NOT conserve space! <-- n00b
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