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  1. little off today Speed Test Result Details for ID XWIbewKs9.html
  2. i think i maxed out the processor with fsb 1333 mgz with speed of 1334.55 note to self get a better computer
  3. i have another result of 1248 mbs just a fluke i dont think so look it up i did it just before this one 2 pulls over 1.2 mbs i think thats a record somewhere
  4. so far fastest speed acheived 1334.55 documented on this site remember im pulling from canada check out max speed on chart https://testmy.net/db/nqQlBiAKG
  5. check out the max speed of 1334.55 mega-bits per second https://testmy.net/db/nqQlBiAKG
  6. https://testmy.net/quickstats/jimmie veges
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