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  1. Yeah, America was colonized, and they inherited from the british the need to colonize other territories too. The british prosecuted american revolutionary leaders because they wanted freedom, just like the way the americans prosecute puerto rican independence leaders. I wonder how would american forefathers would feel about that. And by the way, I am glad the americans got their independence, it is a right that all colonized countries should considerate. No offense meant.
  2. Even if they join by the rules and follow them, they will still be overlooked and seen like an inmigrant who is trying to steal the jobs of US Citizens. In addition to not speak the same language and being from a different culture.
  3. I understand pretty well the americans and their feelings about this issue. I am puerto rican and a strong supporter of Puerto Rico independence movement. As an ardent patriot I wouldn't like our national athemn to be translated and sung in another language. It would be disrepectful. BTW, seeing a lot of posts from you guys, and your obvious anti-inmigration and xenophobics feelings, even though you all won't admit it. I reafirm every day that about my ideals of independence. I do not want to be where I am not welcome. If I were from any Latin American country: Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, etc. I would get back to my country of origin and work for its progress. No matter what they do here, they will be always overlooked. There's dignity and pride, and there's humilliation and contempt . Which one do you prefer?
  4. I think the sales tax may be great if and only if they reduce the contributions on salary and we will be certain the govmt will use the money wisely. But as we may recall our politicians are some dumbs idiots who will just hire more unnecessary employees so they can win the next elections. That's why I oposse to it. Besides I think they must reform the way the govmt, spends money first.
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