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  1. Here is my ghetto style JBOD chasis: Got free chasis from work and converted it into a JBOD with SAS expander.
  2. I noticed there is a west server now to. I also noticed when I manually chose the size it always appears to go to the texas server. Is that by design? Is there anyway to do a 200MB test on any of the other servers or what size until it forces you to texas?
  3. If you are interested I have a server in L.A. on 1000/1000. It actually also runs speedtest.net's LA server (well half of the time as they seem to balance the load between mine and another). It averages about 35 megabits now (load split) and before was around 70 mbits (day average). L.A. is usually a good option for faster speeds to Asia (until you get something in asia). I tried selecting the DC server but got: :::.. Download Test Results ..::: Download Connection:: 140478 Kbps or 137.2 Mbps Download Test Size:: 200 MB or 204800 kB or 209715200 bytes Download Speed
  4. I also posted in another thread that was super old but you also recently responded in about whether or not you were still interested in having multiple speed test servers?
  5. CABLE are you at all still interested in having multiple servers?
  6. So are you using some sort of whois/IP owned by lookup method now instead of just rDNS? I know my connection is still listed as houkouonchi.jp even though that is just what my rDNS is due to PTR records but my IP is owned by Verizon Communications.
  7. To anyone who was wondering the total storage in that rack (just HD's, not counting what is lost from raid) is 162TB. With colo'd and other machines my total storage is just under 200TB (quite a ways from 1PB). Several of the machines in that rack keep backups of others and do not run 24/7. Only two of the machines run 24/7 (well five I guess if you count the two 30x3TB but those are JBOD chasis and aren't computers). The power usage actually isn't very bad considering everything: I am using the storage mainly for storing media. I just recently added the 90TB and until
  8. Its still doing it but I noticed this time its also loading in the random data twice so something weird is going on with the browser I think. Oddly enough it works on the smaller tests.
  9. Working for a web-hosting company so initially that is exactly what I figured it was either a max_execution_time or possibly a fcgi (if using fcgi) timeout. However, even now I am still getting the 500 error on tests over 17 MB and the 29 MB upload test takes only 30 seconds or so to run (if that).
  10. It was about time so I finally updated to firefox 6. The upload test starts *MUCH* faster now (almost as fast as chrome). However; I am still getting an internal server error (500) when testing any of the larger sized tests (over 17MB). So I guess the 500 error was not caused by a timeout.
  11. I am using sabayon. I haven't taken the bullet to upgrade to the much newer versions of firefox (still using the newest 3.6.x) so its possible the newer one will fix this issue. Did you ever see this issue in the past as I have always seen this long delay for as long as I remember using testmy.net on multiple computers running linux/firefox so I thought it was normal. Here is a video of some spedtests I just took now for you. I did speedtest.net testmy.net and VZ's own speedtest applet. It might still be processing though so give it a few minutes.
  12. Reinstalling firefox would not make a difference if it really was plugin related as those are not removed from 'reinstalling' it atleast on linux. Also I have the same problem on a compiled 64-bit version of firefox as well as the 32-bit firefox binary so it surprises me both are affected if it is just a plugin. They are quite a bit different in versions too. Curious if anyone else on linux also sees this problem.
  13. I recently upgraded my storage: Here is my machines and its all for *personal* usage. This rack is in my house: And my connection at home is 150mbits down and 75mbits up =)
  14. It was slow enough to the point that it was causing an internal sever error on the server (I am guessing as it hit a several minute timeout). The delay is during the generating of random data when firefox uses 100% cpu usage on my system (and downloads at a relatively low speed during this time). At first I thought it might just be a server issue until I tested it with chrome and the largest upload test only took a few seconds to start uploading data instead of a few minutes. I was just curious if the slowness is normal or something specific to firefox on linux.
  15. 802.11n router is not going to help your laptop get better speeds if its still G. For a laptop I think I would spend the extra time to actually upgrade the internal miniPCI wireless card. This is not very difficult on dells and I don't really like dongle and stuff for my laptop. I suppose if its docked then its not a big deal. Even 802.11n isn't really good for me since i have the 150/75 service. Personally I just use ethernet for pretty much everything. I spent a couple hundred when I bought my house to have ethernet ran (as I didn't want to do it myself).
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