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  1. Who's seen sin city yet? Best movie i've seen =D Definately going to buy the dvd when it comes out.
  2. Same graphics you get from a ps2 =D
  3. Who ran out to buy the PSP? On the spur of the moment (I was paid the Thursday it came out), I bought it. I have to say, it's sexy, sleek, and cool =D. Course, when you have friends around you who think it's a waste of 308 bucks (with one game), it makes you think otherwise and return it. However, I see many uses that I can use the PSP for other than games. Opinions welcomed on handheld http://home.Comcast.net/~meiw2/DSC00464.jpg http://home.Comcast.net/~meiw2/DSC00470.jpg http://home.Comcast.net/~meiw2/DSC00473.jpg - yes, you can put videos on it. Doesn't look bad
  4. I don't like mc d's much. They have good burgers (from the times i ate there) but I prefer Burger King over Mc. D. The breakfast is pretty good though.
  5. Playstation Portable is due out this Thursday. Are you getting it? What's everyone's opinion as far as having a portable ps2 in your hand (I think it's based on ps2)? I think it's gonna give nintendo a run for its money, but for $249, it's a tad high and might take a while for the avg joe to put up that much money for a handheld. Hell, for $249 bucks, i can outfit my car with a sub and new speakers. If i see I see it in action, i MIGHT be tempted to get one, due to the fact it can play videos and whatnot, but we'll see what tricks it can do.
  6. duct tape, superglue, and JB wield that's a pimped out emachine netmasta
  7. Change the port from 6881 to any random 4-digit number in BT. Some isp's have blocked certain ports because of the congestion BT causes on the internet. www.lvllord.de has a SP2 concurrent connection changer on his site. Download EvID4226Patch.exe when his site is back up and change the concurrent connection to 50-100. That'll help a bunch. By default, windows is limited to 10 concurrent connection to slow the spread of worms and stuff. However, it also limits the amt of connections you can make before it stops, hence crappy speeds on BT (can't connect to more than 10 people... and y
  8. I remember my parent complaining when gas would go from .99 to 1.05... she said it was expensive... how times change. $1.97-1.99 in West Kentucky. I heard $1.66 if you're a member of Sam's Club
  9. It's best to have it off because the anti-virus is a on-demand scan, meaning that whatever you open, download, read, write will be scanned for viruses. Granted, this takes some time to process. I always turn my anti virus off, especially during games because I have yet to download a virus because of a map download . Same thing for this website. I want my readings to be accurate when downloading the 3mb test and not have the anti-virus slow the process because it wants to "protect" you
  10. What is your modem modem (ie: SB3100D, SB4100?). If you're using an old modem, they have caps at 4.9mb. Also, if all else fails, try installing a sygate firewall, it helped my speeds a bunch (probably from residue from old zonealarm firewall i didn't uninstall). Now i keep my firewall up because I notice a big boost in speed over the course of long downloads.
  11. Yep, what organ said. You'll know everything is high quality because you built it . Large companies bulk buy "generic" parts to create a bigger profit margin. My specs: Motherboard: MSI K8T800 NEO-FSR Processor: AMD 64 2800+ @ 1800-1937 Memory: 1024mb Corsair Valuselect Harddrives: 80GB Western Digital 8mb cache & 120GB Western Digital 8mb cache Video: BFG 6800GT OC 395/1090 Sound: Creative Soundblaster 24bit Optical: Aopen 24x CD-Burner and Samsung 16x DVD+/- Burner Misc: 3 red LED (2 rear, one top), 1 Tri-LED (side), 2 Blue LED (front grill), Zalman Copper 102
  12. Dell sux. Custom made for life!
  13. be sure all connections (IDE cable, wires to motherboard) are correctly oriented, The HDD is a big one especially if you have a cable that has no blockers. Make sure everything is correctly inserted. I'd go through and rebuild from scratch (taking everything out) and then putting it back together to make sure it's done correctly. But yeah, the wires are a biggie that connect to the motherboard.
  14. know what's funny, about.com listed the top 27 bittorrent websites in an article . I won't say where to find it other than it was on the front page about 2 weeks ago. The article listed some sites I never heard of previously, but so far they've been good. I don't care for downloading movies, as I get a better experience going to them w/ friends in a 6.1 speaker setup (maybe more... better than at home). If you worry about downloading stuff, move to canada, they don't have laws against copyright stuff... yet
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