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  1. thats what i have read as well.. so basically the tech support went over my place just this afternoon, and did not found any fault over my line in my place, it could be on the switch it self... i've been reading a lot about this stuff. and basically everything points to the SNR that I have.. upon looking at the figures above, i have a fairly good downstream snr but its the opposite with the UPLOAD SNR... the tech said it shouldnt go below 6db.. i'll call them again.. and thanks roco for welcoming me back..
  2. hello guys i havent posted for a while, but definitely i check on this site frequently.. i've been experiencing frequent disconnection over the past few weeks now.. when i say frequent its like every 10 minutes.. and it's really affecting my work.. can someone tell me the possible problem? i have some screenshots here and would appreciate if anyone can do an analysis... by the way im using a PROLINK Hurricane 9300G ADSL modem with wifi router and built in firewall... thanks
  3. yep once you are successful with the reset then by default you can access your canopy using the ip above.
  4. first thing to do if you can access your canopy is to change your color code... second try to re align your canopy, and clear any obstruction that could possibly block the line of sight.. (trees, leaves) that way we can isolate the problem.
  5. by the way make sure that nothing is blocking the Line of sight of your canopy.. probably during the first month, the tree was still a seed.. ahaha.. probably after a few months it's all over your canopy. so try going out later and try to check it out.
  6. what do you mean? hehe.. I never heard of a tweak thats called FOURmula..
  7. its just a burst speed my dear friend.. but yeah its fast!!!! i suggest you guys get a 2nd opinion. measure your internet speed using other speed test site just to confirm..
  8. ahaha.. psshh "re authenticate... again" redundant
  9. thats a good speed already. no need to change! and NO, changing color codes won't let you re authenticate again, unless the color code belongs to a different tower
  10. i go for the first one.. whats with the XX color code? lol the first one is better since it has low jitter. though it has 26 user connected still it remains to be the best option for you.. jitter should be the primary concern. the lower the jitter the smoother the signal goes in.
  11. you can't go from 333 to 500 unless smartbro do some physical changes on your locations AP. the tweaks offered in this site will just help you maximize the allocated speed to make sure that the 384 that was given to you will be utilized the way you want it.
  12. i barely post my speed here but here it is.. This is the constant speed of my connection and not just merely a burst speed i got 213 for my upload
  13. i dont think so. i am using a hub and not a router... i have my 2 computers connected to the hub.. as you know, the hub does not assign an IP address... my 2 pcs have the same MAC ADDRESS.. the access point assigns different IP address so with regards to surfing the net then its not a problem. the only downside is that you cannot share files among 2 computers..
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