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  1. You talk about graduating kindergarten?

    I haven't claimed to have cried over anything or that anything here was "sad."

    Anyway, I'm done with this. You've said what you want to say, I've said what I want to say, and another swaying butt won't help the situation.

  2. Well, I apologize if I made any of you cry... I participated in that Halo 2 thread that started talking about violence lessening over time. Wasn't that off topic and not funny in the least? But no, since other high-ranking members participated, noone felt the need to say anything. I bet you $50 that if it were just me and guig, you guys would've been all over it complaining. Anyway, I've gotten what I have to say out.

    Sorry guys...

  3. Why are you guys so bothered by it? You started a thread with a question and got it answered. I'm light-hearted about it. Posting on forums doesn't need to be so serious and clean-cut. If topics deviate a bit, who gives a shit? I'm not going to not post something I have to say just to make it appear that I have "graduated kindergarten" as you guys like to call it. I'm a mature person, and whether you guys don't think so from reading a few posts of mine in a forum, I frankly don't care.

    However, if it really does bother you that much, I'll try and stay on topic and not be below myself. I just don't see why it's such a biggie. :wink:

  4. Whats that sposed to mean


    from another thread"]do u no what ur most floored arguement is before u said i am close minded but am not ignorant so u compliment and insult me at the same time.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm makes no sense

    You obviously use it yourself. Why don't you tell me?

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