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  1. I hope you dont mind answering a few questions for me: 1. Did you have download tests on Testmy.net that hanged during testing? Did these tests give irratic readings depending on the wheather the download testing hung? 2. What OS do you have XP, What? If you have XP did you read the post: http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-8087.0. 3. Did you look at your Cable Modem web page and what was your Download Power Level? For comcast it should be between (for best results) -15 to 0. What was your Upstream Power Level? For comast it should be no higher than 50.3.
  2. It was a splitter as stated in the Reply. Again, as stated in the reply I had the same problem and using the splitter helped bring down the high upstream and downstream values becuase of a poorly modulated line. You are otherwise correct though, adding multiple splitters will degrate one's signal but one is not a problem. I added the one that I did to help stablize my ISP values and this significantly improved my lag. Once the ISP line is fully moduled to the correct values I will remove the splitter. Again, though, I recommend this person look at the cable modem up/down power values and if they are not what they should be contact his ISP and requeat a line modulation further place a spitter on his cable modem in the mean time.
  3. you need to go to your cable modem's web page (something like is and see what your Downstream Power level is. If this value is positive you have a problem becuase this value should be zero or negative not positive. Further, look at your upstream power level if this value is above 53 again you have a problem. The value should be between 10 and 53 positive. If these values are not what they should be you need to call your ISP and have them Modulate the line. I had the same problem and I am still waiting for Comcast to modulate my line but in the mean time I placed a splitter on the back of my cable modem and this helped. Good luck, compuworm
  4. Try the below link. hope it works, compuworm http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=247501
  5. Go to your routers web page and setup your computer as the Host DMZ and reboot and that should do it?
  6. Ok, I have McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 7.1.0 and when I measure my Broadband speed with Testmy.net I usually get around 2500 Kbps and when I turn off my Antiviruse program I usually get around 3500 Kbps??
  7. I could not help but wonder whether my antivirus program should be on when I am using your download and upload speed test. I definitely see a difference when the antivirus program is on (much slower) Vs. off (much faster). Also, when using the Cablenut program should I have the antivirus on or off when trying to determine my latency value to manually put into the cablenut (v5) page? Please help a noob. Thanks.
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