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  1. Shush your self bro, you put your pants on the same way I do now. I can give you all the shit I want now .......... I guess that hasn't changed that much come to think about it. :2funny::2funny: Well best of luck with that CA3LE thing. :police:

    Me being a mod not only never stopped you it didnt even slow you down. :2funny:

  2. Shush Tommie, you always tell everything you know!!! I have been trying to get CA3LE to lock my post count at something like 4 forever... he wont do it he doesnt love me enough. But he will, I will stalk him..... Paparazzi.

  3. Shug didn't want to Moderate any more. So now he is a Sophist Member. Can't blame Shug anymore!;)

    You ***Damned right!!!!!!!!!! Didnt figure it would stop Tommie from blaming me for shit though, which I wouldnt have any other way. :)

  4. No shit ! ! ! Loosen up on the smileys CABLE. They are free to use aren't they? :shocked: Sometimes its cool to have over 50 smileys in one post. Several have done that. Especially with the smiley. :smitten: Momma has done that a lot. If nothing else do it for all the mothers out there. :laugh:

    Damn tommie, not only do you back me (WTF?) but you also are very VERY smooth. Since when do you agree with me and since when are you so smooooth. :P

    well we ain't talkin mine...i don't have pms...i'm a bitch all the time...and i have references...

    shugar ain't mad he just wants ca3le to check the settings and see what's it's set to.

    When it comes to me Momma knows! Of course Im not mad, If I were this would have been handled in PM to CA3LE. Just a slow day at testmy that needed a post IMO. :)

  5. lol yeah sorry about that, i couldnt get shug to take a nap after lunch, he's a little feisty.

    but in all seriousness, i havent noticed a smiley limit that i would hit. [nerdly] [nerdly] [nerdly] [nerdly] [nerdly] [nerdly] [nerdly] [nerdly] [nerdly] [nerdly]


    Momma asked me to elaborate. There is a limit or some filter on emoticons. I have hit it a few times. It says you have used too many emoticons and wont allow a post.

  6. Alright I will seriously burn this mother fucker down if one of three things does not happen PDQ.

    1 - The limit on emoticons per post is drastically increased. I need those, badly. See like this :tickedoff: shows you I am pissed off.

    2 - The exact limit and filters on smileys is explained to me so that I may circumvent said limits and or filters.

    3 - My account is set for unlimited emoticons per post.

    That is all.... Titties. And I am serious.

  7. Could this be viable as a means of Data,voice, and television service all rolled into your isp?

    The way I understand it you would basically get a fat pipe to the net with no isp between. You could use/set up your own web based tv and phone but it would be some work and you probably wouldnt get "tv" like you are envisioning. :)

  8. Truest words ever spoken!!!:wink:


    Oh you have not heard about a Canadian prick company that made up a bunch of patents on wireless communications and then makes it's money by suing and settling out of court.

    And the legitimate patent of a product is still F*cked. You could almost patent breast cancer genes... Oh Wait. Someone has already done that and it is now being reviewed.


    LMAO sounds about right.

  9. I've read a few stories over the years of one person bringing in a T1 line(or two) and then secure WiFi to the neighbors. Which makes it affordable.

    Another one I read had to do with an apartment building with real slow cable Internet. So they pulled in some new phone lines and put a server in the building and enjoyed way faster Internet that was better than the cable, that the cable company would not repair and upgrade.

    And no worries about getting sued by the CableCo's to prevent you from doing it, since you are not a town.

    Dont forget this IS America.... Your never really safe from being sued.

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