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  1. Me being an atheist and all I completely disagree with this, and I don't believe that is a real response from ABC either as they have lawyers who are paid good money who could compose a 50x better response email. Also I believe people should be able to marry who they want after all me and you ain't nothing but mammals.
  2. I love AMD to much to switch to intel, and I did drop the ultra was a bit more exspensive than I thought .
  3. Sounds good yeah never let them play a USA server though big mistake :/. German all the way Ha rather late, mk.
  4. Sorry for one more post but here might be a few helpful sites: www.tibia.de (fansite) www.tibianews.net (fansite) they should both have some useful stuff about the game.
  5. I read your post wrong, yes it is a German server and everyone speaks fluent english for the most part.
  6. German no lag though, don't play a USA server theyre fileld with brazilians who don't speak english :-/. German ones are swedish mainly but everyone speaks fluent english.
  7. Oh also the main site for the actual game: www.tibia.com
  8. No problem ha tell whoever it is play the server lunara I can help them.
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tibia_%28computer_game%29
  10. Well I don't think crappys the right word just so little people/companies use it whats the point of hacking it?
  11. I sometimes play an mmo called tibia. It's rather 2d'ish but that adds t the uniqueness of it. Also many of the features it has are not do able on a 3D scale . Just wondering if anyone else here plays it or has played it.
  12. Oh hmm well how long of video clips can you use for dream scene?
  13. Wow this made me laugh so hard .
  14. Vista is better than XP IMHO but you need the hardware to support it or your not gonna be to happy . At least 1 gb ram and a P4 2.5 ghz (or amd equilavant) I think to get enough out of it not to hate it. Forget I'd say also a geforce fx 256 MB video card too. And to get the full power of vista geforce 7 class card, a dual core proccessor and a gig and a half of ram.
  15. New pc: amd64 4400+ x2 2 and 1/2 gb ram Geforce 8800 ultra Vista premium
  16. I'm building a new PC tomorrow (fry's electronics has a deal I couldn't refuse for a motherboard/cpu combo *lol*): AMD64 4400+ x2 2 and 1/2 GB DDR2 ram Gonna put windows vista premium on it Geforce 8800 ultra
  17. Yeah well I'm sure they do though I'd like to start building/selling pc's myself good business ^^. Yea with windows vista every MB of ram makes a diferance . Heh hows dream scene?
  18. And for some motherboards F8 doesn't work in that case: click start click run type msconfig hit enter check "/safeboot" reboot your PC do what needs to be done reopen msconfig uncheck "/safeboot" reboot your PC Note: the above only works IF you can get windows to start normally (assuming you don't need safemode to get it to start period).
  19. Heh well Dell's got em beat on more cheaper models I'm not a big fan of dell/HP/gateway any way I prefer to just buy my own parts and make em much cheaper. My PC only costed me 400$~ and from dell it woulda been around 900-1000$. I just used an old case though for a new one woulda brought my pc up to between 500-550$
  20. For 1,392$ form Apple: 1.83 GHz intel core duo CPU 1 GB ram intel on board graphics with shared memory (64 MB) a warranty/telephone support 17" monitor 160 GB HD Dell 650$: AMD 4000+ x2 NVidia geforce 6150 LE gpu 1 GB ram 250 GB HD 19" monitor 1 year waaranty I personally prefer dells buy
  21. Heh one day I will try a mac just a bit to exspensive for me right now though
  22. Other PC's in my house specs: Roommates laptop: HP compaq AMD Sempron 3400+ 1.81 GHz 1.5 GB ram NVidia Geforce GO 6150 with 256 MB shared memory 60 GB 5200 RPM HD ~~~ Server PC (used for hosting our OT [open tibia] game): AMD 3000+ 756 MB DDR 400 ram Nvidia geforce FX 256 MB video ram 70 GB raptor 10,000 RPM HD
  23. Hehe a laptop guy? Laptops always give me to many problems gave up on em.
  24. Nice running vista with that or XP?
  25. Hmmm I think about the time that was released (maybe a little bit after?) I got my first ever PC, 300 MHZ 64 MB ram windows 98 on board video with 4 mb of video ram .
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