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  1. well there is no Christ so how can there be an Antichrist?
  2. Parents used for a while...........Worked great for a while but after a few months alot of calls were lost or wasn't able to hear the person who called when you answered. Best bet would be to use it as a fax line if you do get it; only way it would do you any good.
  3. Well this is what i am wanting to do with the comp. Good music player. able to output HD from streaming video that is capable of it. Able to play computer games like Fifa 09/10 with almost the best graphics and where it wont lag. basically using it as a media center/Home computer. I know this doesnt tell you much sorry lol.
  4. Thanks man is there any way i can say you reffered me for points or nething let me know incase i do decide to use some of this stuff
  5. So is that everything I need to have the computer up and running? That seems pretty cheap but i guess if your building it yourself makes it that much cheaper?
  6. Gaming: decent Video: able to output HD to HDtv RAM: 4Gb Budget 500-1000
  7. Wanting to build my own pc. Is there any websites that will help me choose parts and compare prices and things like that?
  8. no its fine i wouldn't have thought to switch them around if you didn't post that.
  9. you have it backwards but thats ok.. i have it working now.... the first one take the dhcp server off and the 2nd turn it on
  10. I am trying to mke a link between my cable modem -> WRT54GS linksys router -> WBR-1310 d-link and have wireless and wired connections for both. If this is possible can anbody point me in the right direction? thanks
  11. Does any one know a good website or free software that has a lot of different streaming video channels as well as tv channels?
  12. any thing like a black berry that you would get rid of for cheap?
  13. wont have the same effect unless your watching tv when it happens but ill try and find it
  14. was just smoking a bowl and that commercial came on. thought i was going insane the one where the commercials go really fast. scared the hell out of me lol
  15. already thought about that...... looks like im gonna have to buy a new phone soon lol. thanks for the help
  16. Yes, i only need them at work but would be great if i could away from work.
  17. Any body know of a way or if its possible for me to link my phone to outlook on windows xp while at work. I have a lg vx8300. beggining IT, it would really help out.
  18. it actually to get the browser on my phone to connect i got it working
  19. I recently just stumbled across a way to get free browser on a LG 8300. I was able to hack the phone and able to change the proxy server but not sure what to change it to. Does anyone have any ideas.
  20. Nevermind took about 10 min but it changed
  21. I am trying to change my profile picture and it is not letting me. I choose the picture file i wanna use and click change profile and nothing happens.
  22. adultswim.com southparkstudios.com dailyshow.com / colbertreport.com youtube.com testmy.net
  23. i already do have remote access but that is to time consuming, there are certain groups of computers at stations that im gonna shutdown at a time and just save the names and put them in the field of computers to shutdown with shutdown -i
  24. we do have the password protect screen savers. is there any way to enter the passwords in the program so they would be inserted in to get rid of the screen saver?
  25. im trying to shut down a computer not fly a space shuttle lol
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