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  1. Thanks for the link, but unfortunately it didn't work. I really don't want to buy an Ethernet card, especially not knowing if that will solve the problem or not. I'm just considering backing up whatever I want to save on my brother's laptop, and just completely re-loading Windows XP. What do you think of this?
  2. Well, the problem probably isn't with my ISP, modem, or USB port/cable because: -the modem seems to function (electronically) correctly -the modem/ISP works fine when it connects to my brother's laptop -my USB flash drive works without a problem Interestingly enough, the modem registers a PC connection when it is connected via USB to my computer, but the computer will sometimes say "limited or no connection" and will have no internet. Yes, you understood correctly, my home computer has no Ethernet slot; I have an Ethernet cable, but no port to put it in. I did try to ru
  3. i wasn't sure what i should blur, but i blurred a couple things. anyways, this is what came up with the ipconfig/all command.
  4. It starts with 24. Unfortunately my computer doesn't have an Eternet port, so... yeah.
  5. Well, I again require TestMy.Net's expertise. Last time I came back I needed help with choosing the right ethernet cable to set my PS2 up for online usage, but never got a chance to thank everybody who helped me pick the right (and cheap) solution because of this new problem: I was just surfing the Internet a couple days ago when my Internet just stopped working. Literally, it just STOPPED. Like I was reading the newest Penny Arcade comic, then wanted to check to see if Ctrl-Alt-Del had updated as well, but the page wouldn't load. The Internet just BROKE or something. However, the cable m
  6. Assuming that that cable is also 350 MHz, then it looks pretty good for the price, and all I ever hear about Newegg is good things, but I'll probably just ask one of my more computer-savvy friends about it first before making a decision. I mean, I've waited almost 5 years to put my PS2 online, so what's the rush, right?
  7. Hey, guys, some of you may remember me. I've been inactive here since late August I think, but lately I just haven't had the same amount of time I used to devote to forums, here or otherwise. Anyways, I need a little advice on what CAT5 cables I should buy to finally get my PS2 online. I don't really know much about Ethernet connections and whatnot, but I figured that since I'm really only going to use this for online play, I don't need top-of-the-line cables, just some good, cheap, reliable ones. I picked out one from PriceGrabber that looks promising, but I knew that with my limited kn
  8. Well, in the $299 package that Microsoft only ever mentioned, the HDD isn't included, you get a wired controller, no headset, and really nothing useful. It may seem like the $399 package is a good value, but that's only because a)Microsoft only released the $299 package to say that they did, despite it being a horrible value, and b)all the accessories are overpriced. The PS3 should be $399, maybe less if they want to try and undercut Microsoft, but I'd bet on $399. At the end of June, before they stripped away a few extra features, like the PS1/PS2 memory card slots and the router functiona
  9. It's backwards compatible... partially... and for 100 bucks.
  10. So I'm thinking of converting my computer to NTFS, but I don't want to reformat. What's the CMD command to do that? Also, is it possible to reformat my flash drive to NTFS? Right now it's in FAT, but I'd rather it be in NTFS.
  11. Cobra

    Got Sound?

    make sure you go to the control panel and 'sounds and audio devices' then advanced and make sure that nothing is set to mute or turned down all the way before you do anything drastic. i had the same problem like a year ago i think. nothing worked, so i asked my bro if he knew what the problem was, so he checked it and it turned out that i accidentally clicked mute the last time i had been messing with the sound. embarassing.
  12. @fattymcbluff: "PS3 all the way I dont think this is true but I read some where that on the xbox 360 you wont be able to play game on xbox live just content download" You're half right. Microsoft, for the 360, will offer both free and regular versions of live, rather than just having the regular. Free lets you downloads patches and demos and chat with people and stuff, but the regular lets you have better downloads and the ability to play online multiplayer.
  13. w00t! i bought a 30 buck soundblaster live! card and now it works. what an update- from live! value to live! im gonna get a job soon so I can just buy a new computer soon, so no matter, but its nice that i now can hear again.
  14. i figure that the people who really like IE7 are only those just coming off IE6... must seem like heaven to them... and it wouldn't be so bad if it just asked me to import my settings from FF. and I thought that microsoft promised that IE7 wouldn't be integrated in our OS's this time... then I could've just installed it to a different directory and wouldn't have cared that all the settings and everything were at default.
  15. okay, i didn't feel like editing my post, because i had planned to edit it with IE7, but it just blows. i gave it a fair chance, and it sucks. here's the scathing review i jotted down while installing and using it: I solved the problem of getting my settings and stuff back by system restoring to yesterday, after I fixed my printer...
  16. Being the fair person I am, I'm downloading the beta of IE7. However, being fair doesn't mean I'm going to automatically going to like it. I'll give it the same treatment I gave Firefox when I first tried it out. I'll edit this post from IE7 to give my opinion.
  17. go to a site that requires active x is what I would do.
  18. back and forward. i had them switching between tabs for awhile, but now i use mouse gestures for that.
  19. if you're going to buy it, you should buy it from zipzoomfly.com unless you can find it somewhere cheaper. i got mine for like $50 from them, no s&h. o wait, you bought it already? nvm, then. great mouse. totally worth it. i went from an old, crappy, ball-and-chain mouse to it. the battery indicator is great, btw. unfortunately, tho, the wheel doesnt scroll as smoothly as microsoft newer ones, but it gets the job done. and also, after like three years, the battery life is supposed to go, as Logitech puts it, "from one month to one week." i would imagine there'll be a better mouse by t
  20. thanks and i think i should just try that theory if putting this one back in doesnt work. im sure i could be a big spender and buy another. maybe my computer just doesnt like that particular soundcard, and ill hear my computer going "oh thank God he's finally outta here. oh cool! a new one! hey, hows it goin' there new soun... HEYYY! that's it! i'm just going to keep crashing until you throw that b!tch outta here for good."
  21. mine was about that, and it was fine for the first 2 and a half years or so. then, this kinda stuff started happening every once in awhile, each time being harder and harder to fix. ill try that soon, but not yet tho; family stuff's going on, so idk when id be able to get to it- (bro's getting two surgeries at once... one to remove a mole that growing like crazy through one of his toes, and one to remove some excess breast tissue, which is unfortunately a hereditary thing from my moms family, who were plagued by all sorts of cancer and other diseases... not only that, but they're really
  22. meh, that driver didnt work, so i tried using the device manager to remove the SB Live! altogether, then reinstall it, but that didn't work either... i might try taking the soundcard out of the computer, then putting it back in and see if XP will try to recognize it or something... sigh...
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