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  1. meh, last time i went to micky d's was a couple years back. i ordered some chicken nuggests, was laughing with my friends, popped a couple in my mouth, started chewing, and then suddenly... crunch, crunch, cruch... i was chewing on f-ing chicken bones! i run out to the bathroom, ignoring my friends, (who were clutching their sides in laughter at this point...), where there was already somebody else in there throwing up, (one of my bros dumbass friends... somebody bet him he couldnt eat like twenty packets of salt or something...), and started puking my guts out. i went out to the cou
  2. wouldnt that mean youre 214? because it adds 3 to get your user number? i think thatd mean im like 464.
  3. jeez dude, it seems like just yesterday when we were going on about getting 1000 members before 05. the registration rate has dramatically shot up!
  4. did u try calling again after u messed with your computer? they might not have realized or been informed of a slowdown when u called the first time.
  5. well, i for one am gonna ride the wave for as long as possible, friend. thats what surfing the internet is all about.
  6. technically, tho, this is general discussion, and i dont currently see any rules on what topics you can or can not discuss. ahh, technically correct. the best kind of correct.
  7. well, not to light the powder keg here, specially on my first day back here in awhile, but i think that france is our ally: 1, they probably gave the info because everybody in the world was pissed off at us for starting the war in the first place, so it was probably just politics, not an act of war. 2. until they launch something at us, whether it be a missile, nuke, or french baguette (those things can hurt...), i consider them to be an ally. 3. just my nature to go with the under-dog on lots of stuff... 4. and because we (americans) acted like dumbasses, calling shit free
  8. meh, im not gonna bother. the facts are: my computer sucks and thats all i need to know. and because id have to install that neptune thing or use IE, and both options sound terrible...
  9. sweet wonder how many of them actually post. okay, rhetorical question, ppl. i dont mean literally...
  10. id just make my own internet provider
  11. lol not different. unique.
  12. yea ive seen that site and ive got two defenses for that: 1. okay thats totally a bunch of bull... 2. even if it is true, what are you going to be sending through the email that u really need that much privacy for... even then, u should copy it to your computer and delete the email anyways...
  13. on conan o'brien, they had elizabeth something-or-other on there and she said that some of the ppl just didnt answer, some changed their number, but some got creative. eminem forwarded all the calls to the police
  14. lol just saw this theme, thought u guys might want to see it too. its awesome! https://addons.update.mozilla.org/themes/moreinfo.php?application=firefox&version=1.0&os=Windows&id=456
  15. lol plz tell me your not going to be talking in third-person for very long.
  16. lol maybe not if those pictures are her without makeup
  17. lol it says "/. pwned" wouldnt believe it it bill gates himself took the screenshot
  18. http://nfg.2y.net/games/PSP/psp_flying.swf heres an example. wait for it to load. i had such high hopes for the psp, too...
  19. that just seems like something that would appear in a tabloid: QUEEN KONG SEXUALLY HARASSED ME! ...says two employees over at the Gorilla Foundation. They claim that the lesbian gorilla, Koko, with a fetish for nipples, con- stantly pressured their caretakers to expose certain physical attributes. Koko's lust app- arently got them fired... (cont'd on pg. 12) Now that's just good-quality reading right there.
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