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  1. all the n64 roms are .7z files... i have project 64 and it doesnt play .7z files... sniffle, sniffle... lol now i have to go and look for a new emulator... nice link, bud lol im stupid! .7z files are just like .zip sweet, now i can play rogue squadron and south park and all that good stuff. reno, ur my hero
  2. lol, just wondering, but is ur avatar the blob from the anti-depressant commercials
  3. yay! so when are we getting smilies back if we are? edit: nvm, i was using quick reply and didnt notice that smilies are only for regular reply ppl.
  4. heres another: Q: How come my sig size is messed up? A: Idk, let CA3LE have some time to investigate the matter, but heres a temporary solution (firefox users only): http://www.yellowgorilla.net/imagezoom/
  5. whats firefox m2? im on v1! since when did they change the v1 to m2! if i knew where the smilies were right now, id be
  6. bah, my sigs too small as well. whats up with that? also, every time i post it automatically puts me back into the forum, not the thread so i can look at my post and make sure everything came out right like i used to be able to... edit: okay, i checked my sig again, and apparently images larger than 250x84 or something like that arent allowed or something because the tage on mine says [img width= height=] so i changed it and it automatically switched it back to 250x84.... can u fix this ca3le?
  7. hope everyone has a stupendous christmas, spectacular hannukah, outstanding kwanzaa, and a marvelous new year! lol, yea, im a nerd
  8. yea my ava was too big too until i uploaded it. lol, the new layout scared the hell outta me; thought i went to the wrong site! cant find the smileys anymore... also, u should update the rest of the site to match the forum
  9. nice i like the simplistic-ness of it. what was the battle theme? hope u win! also, u should make a wallpaper of that, just keep it nice and simplistic if u do.
  10. bah... :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 722 Kbps about 0.7 Mbps (tested with 2304 KB) Download Speed is:: 88 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Bottom Line:: 13 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 11.64 second(s) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=WYBNY3JNX
  11. wheeeeeeee, its cluttered again
  12. lol, CA3LE, u dont want proof, u just want more i dont play any ff games because the only turn based fighting game i ever actually liked was paper mario.
  13. punk'd, fear factor, and pimp my ride are the only reality shows ive found that i enjoy.
  14. dude, ive always been pissed off by most reality tv shows because theres too many and they all suck. but now, i think i have a serious moral problem with a new one fox is premiering in january. (for those who dont get fox because ur in a diff country or something, its like the biggest network station here, playing mostly sitcoms and court shows rather than the news and talk shows for women like the other network stations) anyways, the new reality show is about a girl put up for adoption at 6 months of age and has never seen her dad, so now shes like 30-something and fox has it to where there
  15. trust me, just switch to firefox. something to think about in terms of firefox: i almost never have to click anything anymore because all i have to do is use mouse gestures, which allow me to draw some lines to do stuff, like switch tabs, minmize firefox, open a new tab, back, forward, stop, etc. firefox, unlike ie, allows third-party plug-ins, like foxytunes, which lets u control most media players from firefox, (control meaning, play, next track, stop, etc.), or forecastfox, which allows ur city's current weather to display on your screen, or gmail notifier, for those with gmail, c
  16. so are ads you're only revenue or does this new website we havent been getting updates on *hint hint ** have something to do with bringin in da cabbage?
  17. lol way to resurrect a dying thread.
  18. i tried the .jar file they had, but im not going to actually look through my over 1250 spam emails to find out what the http is for each.
  19. BUMP!!!! lol i went to the site, but all i got was a logo and nothing else, not even after checking the source. can someone just send me the screen saver?
  20. okay, that thread was closed for a reason, right? cuz if everyone just started a new thread continuing a locked one, that would defeat the purpose...
  21. http://www.servage.net/ the gfx forum i go to is thinking of moving to this host, so i figured itd be good to let u guys look over it. seem good? i think it looks pretty good
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