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    woooo got 4 invites just now already sent out two! that site is stupid, .s1 ive looked over googles privacy statement and it says that emails may be on the server even after u delete them but Google is not allowed to read them unless you ask them to.
  2. i should smite u with the karma system we have here for breaking the law and potentially running over a little kid, but uve already got -2 so i figure hahaha people are already smiting the karma outta u so ill leave u alone. <------ yeaaa, look at that anti-smite ive got there. i guess ive got an i dont smite u, u dont smite me deal with this forum so far
  3. Cobra


    yea i saw a site that said that too... sigh... they should give invites to those who actual send the invites. like after u use all your invites, u get like 3 more after like a week or less.
  4. Cobra


    yo guys, ive got a question about gmail. ive been using mine for about two-three months now i think, and only recently have i really been advertising how many invites i have on most of the forums i go to. ive sent out 10 so far and 2 more people have "reserved" invites from me until i can get more from google. so my question is, for all those whove used gmail as long or longer than me or know more about the invite system, how often do they give invites back to you? this sucks having to tell people, no i dont have any more, sorry, but ill send you one when i get more from google...
  5. yea ull meet up with her soon, i think. then u split up again and u go through some caves and stuff... bats... more beams... prepare for some of the worst levels in the game, but it gets better after u get out of the caves. also, i wouldnt miss farah so much if i were you, ull know y at like 95%.
  6. how far are you? have you gotten to the balance beam levels? those suck. the camera kept shifting while i was on a balance beam fighting some birds... i kept falling off and dying... thank god for rewinds
  7. Pay As You Go Plan now thats a cell phone plan- free incoming calls from other PAYG phones and u only pay for the minutes you use. say u dont use ur phone all that much- buy a $10 30 minute card. need more minutes after u finish with that? but another! still cheaper than most plans! too bad ive never heard of them... maybe thats just me. **shrugs**
  8. when i changed my sig, it shrunk again... this new forum must have something against me... cant u just remove the restrictions or set them to like 600x400? no ones going to have anything as big as that...
  9. okay, so i finished PoP1. bout halfway through, i got used to everything and really started enjoying myself. so i figured, i guess ill open PoP2. i immediately noticed the changes made: the new combat system, tho it allows much more freedom and way more moves, just wasnt as fun. the graceful art of combat was replaced by a brute force combat style. the graphics are still really good, tho i liked the first PoP's better- they were brighter, more creative, and less like a dungeon... im gonna have to turn the brightness up on my tv everytime i play i because everythings visible, yet still too dark
  10. aww... i still cant vote... i feel so left out... **sniffle**
  11. do u have scoliosis or something? one of my friends has that. she showed me the scar on her back. she took like two weeks off from school before she came back after the operation... anyways, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! new years here!!! heh, heh, im a nerd
  12. no not until new years is over. we have to have over 1000 members right? we clean the oldies out and BOOM!!! back down to the 900's... and lol, stupid, u are a mod
  13. dayum, my computer only has 40gb and it only allows like 38 to be used, and im having to delete stuff cuz ive got like 4-5gb left. i need a better pc... **sniffle, sniffle**
  14. cool stats B^) im the number 10 top poster. not bad. shug is only like 10 posts away from beating lorne...
  15. cant vote either. theres less than 15 and 16 to 18, and im 15, so theres no option for me...
  16. no, sry, i meant it wont let me check my email because it says invalid login every time.
  17. bah, if any of my friends have it they wont let me play it. theyll just laugh at me. yea me and my friends are like that, we like laughing at each others problems
  18. okay, for christmas, i got Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and The Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. i was pretty wary of them because i played a friends PoP1 a long time ago and i didnt like it because to me, the combat system was too shallow and enemies appeared not enough but when they did, there were too many. for this reason, i havent even touched the PoP2 yet to keep it returnable. as i play PoP1 now i find it somewhat fun, (bout a quarter of the way through), but PoP2 has to be a lot better to make me want to keep it. i dug up my old Electronic Gaming Monthly from a year a
  19. Cobra


    ive got 5 more i can share.
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