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  1. lol funny how every topic in every forum never fails to go off-topic in some way. annnnnnyways, video games arent the cause of violence, people are just violent by nature. we had wars before video games and movies and before plays even so lets just drop that subject... also, video games dont have a point but to entertain someone long enough so they shell out 50 bucks for it then keep them entertained just long enough so they wont return it. lol, i love video games, but thats everythings purpose that u can buy. however, if u want to look past that, , then the point of video games is
  2. quality of service: 98%
  3. i use freewebs and simple text documents. get dreamweaver, then theres almost no html needed.
  4. well, u could do with some new desktop icons cuz default ones suck.
  5. cant, im already running a program similar to what i believe that is, that fights cancer and other diseases
  6. spam, spam, spam. look at all the spam in my gmail account.
  7. lol we need lives man, talking about how fast graphing calculators are because our computers calculator is stupid.
  8. well, some of the animation could be taken out, but dayum that things awesome!
  9. well, ill stick with my ti 83 plus silver edition that i mostly use for playing games
  10. a calculator that specializes in adding?
  11. lol a windows media player 10 theme
  12. lol u rebel u using best buys computers to surf the internet.
  13. i like ur desktop vanburen. classic cant agree with the start bar being that big but still. niiiiiice
  14. kazaa isnt working for me- it wont let me search or dl anything cuz it wont connect... now i have to use damn limewire... goin slow as shit cuz no one uses limewire
  15. idk but i think that the tests get stored into the browsers cache (stored) files, and they combine or somethin. lol i never go it either so dont feel alone and welcome to the forum
  16. lol thx man saved me some work. u should chop a little more off the top tho to minimize extra white space. lol, so many sig requests ill get started on it soon jeez my life is busy now especially with the huge tournament thats bout to start over at the gfx forum.
  17. heres ur sig lorne. im getting it looked over by a gfx forum, so this is kinda like a preview, but it may not need updating. anything needs changing, just ask, im happy to do so.
  18. k, here it is, sorry for the large filesize, the animation took a lot of frames even tho its simple. i didnt want to squeeze the pics in so i made it animated if u dont mind. im also not entirely happy with it, just seems like i could better it but i dont know how... anyways, if u want anything changed, anything at all, (even redoing the sig cuz im not all that pleased with it as i already said ) just ask lol also thx to luwigie cuz im using his server to host it for now
  19. lol thx. k, im putting the final touches on ur sig marcin, then ill get started on lornes sig later today (id start on it right after this but i dont feel too well so im probably gonna eat after this then go take a nap or something... ) k, ive finished it, lemme just get some suggestions on it from the gfx forum i go to so itll be even better.
  20. lol np, but what are the names of these ppl, because i need to find the original pics if i can because if i try to cut the text out, im gonna have to do some serious blending and idk how well thatll turn out. i could probably restore the little short dude with no face an just eyes without losing too much quality, but losing quality sucks.
  21. wow, dude, thats pretty sweet! after a bit more work, thatd move up to pretty awesome! also, i made a sig for a sotw contest, i just posted it for suggestions on the gfx forum, but here it is now, in case anyone wants it. note: ur name will replace mine, dont think i want my tag that big
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