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  1. yea that pretty much sums it up
  2. cool, stuff does open a bit faster. havent tried out search yet to see if its faster, but that just cuz i have a good memory and dont need to search
  3. hahaha, no murse=male nurse what did u think, that i was eating peanut butter when i typed it?
  4. i vote for 2-3 months. then u have some evidence when u complain to ur ISP that ur speed has dropped since a couple months back
  5. wow, i had the day off from school after for days of exams yea, im lucky like that. couple hours of marking some circles in and doing some math and im off for the rest of the day! i dont know y everybody hates exams i really dont i didnt know u were a murse. wow. i have nothing against murses tho. murse pride!
  6. i couldnt find the little box to uncheck. i know ive seen it before tho, its just been a long time since ive done this kind of thing with my computer.
  7. hahaha! the dialogue is funny! apparently though, i suck and i stink and i agreed with it
  8. hey, man! id rather be a dumb gamer than a smart politician! when aliens come to take over the world, who do u think is going to be more of a help? politicians or gamers? thaaaaaaats right! gamers! we spend hours and hours a day "training" for that day
  9. i got a screen of that Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
  10. psh... my dogs journal would be: Jan. 9- zzzzZZZzzzzZZZzzzz... Jan. 10- zzzzZZZzzzz... **Ruff, rufff!** zzzZZZzzzz... [sometimes he barks in his sleep... creepy...] Jan. 11- munch, munch, munch.... **walk walk walk** zzzzZZZzzzzZZZzzzz... Jan. 12- **yawn...** zzzzZZZzzzz... **sniffle, sniffle** zzzzZZZzzzz... hes not old either, if thats what u were thinking... just extremely lazy... gets that from me- im really proud of him
  11. yea... hopefully an exaggeration... stupid media trying to make peoples misery entertainment...
  12. hahaha, i expected it to turn around and bite us guys in the ass, but i figured itd be because ours are so rare
  13. B^d mmm i love chili. we have one chili festival a year over here and u know what? its never spicy enough, never has enough meat, and it rained this year right when i got there... sigh... nothing worse that chili with no meat thats watered down by rainwater...
  14. ...sigh... i gave ten bucks outta my own pocket to the fund going around my school, not to mention bought only half a lunch every day for the past couple of weeks so i could give half my lunch money to the fund along with a few of my friends... (not much of a loss, considering it was just school lunch ) had i known that theyd be like France, (no offense to the french peeps here...), and get all ungrateful on us, i wouldntve bothered...
  15. yea hes got too much karma for someone to hate him
  16. i love these conversations ppl have with techies i think .s1's was the funniest tho.
  17. hahaha this must be how Leno gets his headlines
  18. wow, microwave, 6 months? jeez never took u to be a shy one meh, cant force 'em to post, u can ask them to join but cant force them to post...
  19. ive been using fireftp but i can always try something new.
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