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  1. lol mmmmmmmmmm chicken drumstick dam you guys makin me hungry
  2. u should justy get a buffet installed in your house if your goin to feed every1 lol
  3. if anything ill get one from work and ill email it to myself
  4. yea i do to i actually had my xbox got a mod well when the guy sent it back to me he put a bigger HD in it so on my xbox i have all the halo 1 and 2 mutiplayer files, fusion frenzy, a bunch of pictures, my xbox boots up like a 360, and i have the nintendo, super nintendo, and sega genesis emulators all of this i have on my HD
  5. if you had access to the canopy and was able to put a default plug in u might be able to access it it think the page would be very helpful to you guys
  6. here is a really cool site if your like me i was one that grew up with Nintendo and i loved it i stumbled upon a website you might enjoy http://www.virtualnes.com/
  7. did u try typing in your ip then /mac.html it should bring you to a calibration page and should also show your mac address
  8. lol what are you guys tryin to bribe the installers with food
  9. if your mac address is not on the outside of the case try to access the web interface and retrive it
  10. has anyone tweeked with the that may help you
  11. yea has anyone had success with the ideas iv givin i still think tweeking the ap would be good
  12. hey guys its me carltonsteel just that im not at work im home so how goes things
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