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  1. yeah another crappy service from smart
  2. @6:18AM 11/22/07 seems my base station having problems again...
  3. I tried DC++ and cant connect
  4. i agreee w/ coolbuster2007 i use uTorrent and it doesnt hog your pc
  5. I forgot what forum was that so I cant quote it but someone said that Smart Bro made a deal w/ AnalogX(NetStat Live) to increase its speed
  6. I've read on other forum that NetStat Live isnt real...
  7. yeah. but still not stable though only at times thanks anyways
  8. dunno i just tested my speed this morning and boom! ;D so far my highest speed
  9. same here....i get frequent fluctuation after the base stations was down for 1 day, and my IP change to 121.xx.xx.xx before it was 203.135.x.x edit out ip for user privacy
  10. really? in my area my friend said globe's fast he can download at 100+ KB/s and can play online games normally. really depends on you location though...since in my area pldt's not available...i'll go for globe then
  11. nvm guys the problems is my basestation. please close this topic admins
  12. Hi guys can anyone help me. yesterday evening my internet went down then i disabled the NIC card were my SmartBro is connected and after a few minutes i got a limited or no connectivity. I tried repairing or disable and re-enabled the NIC but it still the same error limited...then i tried changing to another base station and then i got connected...the only problem now is the one im connected now has low RSSI only 300+ and the one's i used to connect has 700+ RSSI...what happened to my connection? i didnt touched anything. at that that the internet was gone my brother was playing GGclient dota then suddenly he got disconnected and after that the limited connection started...is the basestation down? but i checked at the AP evaluation my old basestation has users connected and the kitter rssi' running...please help me figure out what happened here... thanks
  13. My connection yesterday at 7pm until 7am this morning was down because the basestation's down changed my basestation and im connected back but the problem is it has low rssi only 300+ gonna have to wait for the highest rssi AP to come back
  14. me still have 7 more months! i'm changing to Globe after that
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