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  1. Here's my score: Pretty neat compared to my previous smart bro connection. Have been playing online games using this ISP and its not giving me issues so far. Before I go down to dial up speeds with smart bro during peak hours but PLDT stays between 365kbps-380kbps. sOuRnEsS
  2. I have the same plan as yours beware187. 512kbps for 1299 (phone line included). Still curious how you guys get those scores. I only get as far as 667kbps with tweaks. I prefer to not tweak as of the moment cause so far its not giving me any disappointments. im getting a good 367kbps-380kbps which is still under the 70%-80% of its advertised speeds. I'll try to post actual scores when I get back home. will try the test on a busy Monday afternoon to get a good screenie of how PLDT scores on peak hours. About 5pm or 6pm would be good. BTW beware187, are you using any tweaks? Or thats your score without any? This scores better than what we have in our company! Did I mention we have T1 connections here? sOuRnEsS
  3. Mr. coolbuster, I tried your TCP optimizer and it gave me up to 667kbps speed (above my advertised speed of 512kbps) but it fluctuates from that to 350kbps and back.. Im not getting consistent test results as compared to my tests now (after reinstalling a fresh new OS due to my deffective DDR memory causing corruption to my system). Without the TCP optimizer or any tweaks Im getting 372kbps - 377kbps almost consistent test results. Before, with the 20 steps to optimize speed + TCP optimizer im getting 350kbps - 667kbps speed. One more thing I noticed is that when the test is running im getting stable progress bar movements while testing (without tweaks) as compared to some pauses during the test with tweaks. I that choking my speed or theres something I need to adjust on the settings? It would be great to have a stable 600+kbps speeds! If you have more suggestions or tips, it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance! BTW Im doing all the testings here at TMN. sOuRnEsS
  4. Thanks! Will give it a try when I get home!
  5. Hi Coolbuster! its me again, I tried the 20 steps for smart bro before and just got frustrated. Seems like its our location giving the problem. We are too far from the base station and no matter how I tweak, it still gives slow speeds. Anyways, I now have the PLDT plan 1299 with 512kbps speed. Can you share to me how you tweaked their 1mbps plan? Does it also apply on the 512kbps plan? I already used your 20 steps also. I want to double my 512kbps speeds also if possible. Thanks in advance bro! sOuRnEsS
  6. Yup, helps a lot.. Thanks.. About the tweaking part, any other suggestions? I already increased my RWin size: GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize = 77328 TcpWindowSize = 77328 Can I increase this further? Does this have any format or formula? The values were produced by the calculator after typing my upload, download and latency.
  7. Mornings are great! Look! My peak hours starts 4pm till 9pm. My speeds goes down to as low as 60kbps. How can we check if he base station is upgraded?
  8. Hello again! I tried increasing these RWin values: GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize = 77328 TcpWindowSize = 77328 This is what I got, so far the highest speed I acquired. Still fluctuating though. I want more! got this from cablenut's website forum. How large can I set this values? Can I just type numbers without using the calculator, which requires the Download, Upload and Latency?
  9. Hello, at this time my speeds goes down to 70kbps. waaahhhh.. I have a question though. the j79_zlrcablenut_XP2k ccs file I donwloaded, can I just change settings there and restart my PC to have the change go in effect? or do I have to go back to step 1 of 20. skipping the dowloads of course. Wat do u mean by changing the RWin to scale factor 8 mr. coolbuster2007? any more tips? Are you getting that constant speeds also? wow.. wanna have those speeds on my computer also.
  10. Havent tried ur suggestion yet, for some reason I can't access the site. Maybe under maintenance. BTW heres my speed when I last checked. Thanks coolbuster2007! Send me more info for more speeds if there are more.. BTW wat does it do? Rwin scale factor of 8?
  11. @tikoy3000 OMG! wat speeds!!! @ coolbuster2007 Found ypour blog and followed it. Before: After 20 steps and openDNS: Tried several testings, above is the 1st and last, my 2nd was: Download Connection is:: 73 Kbps about 0.07 Mbps (tested with 386 kB) Download Speed is:: 9 kB/s Upload Connection is:: 362 Kbps about 0.4 Mbps (tested with 579 kB) Upload Speed is:: 44 kB/s More help po! sOuRnEsS
  12. Hello again! I've finally taken time to do the 20 steps and the openDNS. before tweaking: after 20 steps and openDNS: I dunno whats wrong with my connection I also tried re-testing my speeds, it dwindles 70, 60, 100, ... Any other suggestions? sOuRnEsS
  13. Question: If i edit the uplink and downlink burst to maximum, will I get speed? will smart track that? is is recommended/safe? will it violate anything? openDNS, I saw it on a post before, will this boost speed also? the cablenut tweak, which settings to use? sOuRnEsS
  14. coolbuster, if I also use openDNS (saw it from one of the threads), will that help my speeds go up? this post's are good.. lots of information. u guys should be hired by smart! cant wait to go home and try these steps.. im at work ryt now. ill post immediately after I tested cablenut and the openDNS thingy. I also saw the stinger.. cool.. does it really work? hu here tested it? my pole though is 30feet high! sOuRnEsS
  15. awts, fr0stbound can u send me some step by steps? I really am not familiar with tweaking or meesing with my settings (im scared) hehe.. I also read coolbuster's post and is thinking of doing it. I need to be sure (accurate) on each step so as not to mess up. Thanks po! sOuRnEsS
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