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  1. thank you! thank you! ! ! ^______________^ feel so welcome here! :smitten:
  2. i cant access to any other sites it says missing DNS something. . . and i cant use web cams and voice chat in YM
  3. yah its tagalog ^__________^ thank you
  4. what are u talking about MY girl? im nobody's girl huahuahuahuahua
  5. i cant access to other sites beside testmy and i cant open web cams and call pc via YM T_T
  6. friendster?? ??? secret! ! ! ! im tell'n no one nyahahahha make me huahuahuahuahua
  7. nothing happend. . . hey u promised me to help me reach 600kbps? rright yey
  8. i think i knw na who will help me huahuahuahuahua well im not let'n u people fight here >_< im happy that people here are so nice
  9. nyay! oh my gulay! im not the topic here and hello to you too ^____________^
  10. :tickedoff:hey hey hey are u making fun of me anong gusto mo away gera o gulo i use computer silly T____________T niaaway mo atoh! ! ! somebody HELP me from him huhuhuhuhuhu
  11. girl friend? what kind of girl friend? kaiBIGAN or KAIbigan?
  12. nyay inspired? how? hehehehe ur kinda funny thank you ^___________^ uhm maybe in SMs???? or in KATIPUNAN i really dont out that much im more like "bahay office bahay office" and sometimes stroll in SM manila and lazaro
  13. ok then im a full time graphic artist in a publishing company and a part time student ^____________^
  14. hehehe imma change it to anime na nga lng i would like to thank GOURAME for helping me kahit na late na ^____^ still helping me 2am in the morning
  15. i tried the starter but it doest work i want to have 600kbps T_T
  16. how? i really dont knw how can u help me pls
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