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  1. yah it work, after that tweak my speed boost up and reached 400 something but wasnt satisfied, so i tried to ask someone to help me reach atleast 600 but after i did that i cnt open sites and haveing interuption with my Ym and later on i found out that i cnt access to my canopy either
  2. i hate it when someone's using different language in public. . .
  3. nyay so it means no one can help me now if your going to change the topic oh well imma sleep now nyt nyt forum mates ! ! ! ! i men new friends ^_________^
  4. hayz. . . . my cnnection. . .. ..
  5. help help help! ! ! ! :angel:
  6. are there other way to access to my canopy???
  7. hello! ! ! ! nyay "see you in my dreams"?!!??!?! OH MY GULAY! well sorry to tell you im not going anywhere especially in your dreams. hahahahahaha i have'nt sleep that much hayz. . . . im really thankful to those people na keep on pm me and helping me to fix this fre*k'n net of mine i thank you *bow*
  8. actually this 20 ways is effective, thats y i've reach 400kbps before
  9. yah before. . . but now i can access to other site
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