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  1. I remember intel 286 and 386 at 33MHz with 2mb of sim sticks and 88mb hard drives.

    Any one remember the GUI version of MS-DOS  :haha:

    yes.. up until recently i still had one around somewhere

    and no.. i went from msdos 6.22 to windows 95... no gui for dos.. lol

  2. i think its funny that the first to jpg's have 14 views as of when i'm writing this, while the male lapdancers only got 1...which was not from me! naked men are gross!

    that's because of how the pictures are displayed... the last one is shrunk by the forum and views are only counted when someone clicks on it.. the first 2 are counted when someone looks at the page

  3. Does anyone know of a good video converting program (Vista x64 compatible)?

    I need to convert avi files to mov and/or mpeg

    I am willing to pay for a program, I'm getting sick of trying out free stuff and I haven't been able to find a decent program thus far.

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