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  1. it's peak hours today.. i'm having a hard time too with my connection when it comes to this point of hour.. just monitor your speed and we will know where the problem is.. if you can't handle it anymore.. call smartbro your speed is higher than mine..
  2. tdawnaz is right.. at this point of hour.. there are users online... downloading, friendster, chatting, playing online games, even accessing streaming music and videos.. last night my connection is 600-700 kbps.. but right now.. without even changing any settings the connection drops to 200kbps.. you just need to monitor first your speed for about 2-3 days.. after the tweakings that you've done.. and still the problem exists, that's time that you need to call the smartbro and ask for a field technician.. just follow first all the troubleshooting that their agents will ask you.. then
  3. i don't recognize the change on my ip address too.. haha.. i'm forcing my dns to push my wireless connection.. i change it very often on and off peak hours.. when it's off peak hours, i use the default.. when it's on peak hours, i force my dns
  4. this is my connection on peak hours.. but off peak hours.. i can boost my connection up... cablenut + tcpoptimizer + opendns = good connection try setting up that 3 tools.. it'll do a thing.. if it doesn't call smartbro and tell them that you have a low connection.. remember to unplug all the tweaks that you had when they go to your house to check your connection.. we need all the tests of all the time stamps that i posted the last time post your speedtest on each of the timestamp.. 1. 7am 2. 12nn 3. 5pm 4. 9pm 5. 12mn or 1am
  5. post all the troubleshooting that you've done ok.. @coolbuster tsk tsk tsk... personally? hahahaha
  6. you need to buy what coolbuster posted (Hide IP Platinum), that's the answer to your problem.. but if you can find a free one good for you.. but make sure that the free one that you're going to download is virus-free www.google.com has lots of search result, you just need to read, analyze, download, install, and configure it according to your preference.. what coolbuster gave you is one of the anonymizer that you can buy able for you to have an anonymous or hidden ip address.. but remember this.. dynamic ip address, which smartbro is using right now or every internet service provider
  7. i tried both of the proxifier.. i was like accessing the opendns.com then suddenly POOF! it became koko krunch.. just kiddin.. i can't surf any websites except for the online game that i'm playing.. i can play online but i can't surf.. weird..... hahahaha.. i don't know how did i enable and disable it.. i don't have any freakin idea.. i was freaking shouting in front of my computer.. i was like "dammit trojan why can't you surf.. are you doing the power trip?!" i shutdown the computer and tried the proxifier that i've downloaded last night.. restarted the computer again.. then my browser
  8. OH MY GOD!! WHAT A NEW TWEAK HAHAHAHA i'm currently using my new proxifier from proxifier.com still counting... my connection after i disabled my proxifier.. not bad
  9. excuse me.. i work with geeksquad and at&t. and with at&t 2wire home networking department we setup dynamic ip addresses to have their own ip address able for them to have a more secured network.. you just need to tweak something or use a software if you don't want to mess around with your registry.. my 2 cents with the help ^_~ by the way, you can disable smartbro's dynamic ip addressing with a simple click save and restart.. another 1 cent for the information you provided.. would there be anything else that i may help you with?
  10. be careful with the download.. you need to use google.com to search for the right softwares that you need.. and before downloading.. find reviews of the software that you want to download.. sometimes those free softwares have virii installed on it.. be careful of your downloads.. if you accidentally downloaded a software with virus on it.. try using trend micro sysclean to clean your computer from virus.. don't forget to update the antivirus try this one, www.proxifier.com.. there's a 31 day trial.. if it works for you.. buy it.. if it doesn't tell me... then i'll look for another one tha
  11. what time is that? cause before i can download 5-10 movies for about 1-2 days (that's 250-300mb per movie) but now, i haven't tried downloading movies.. i haven't bought a new HD (my HD's full whaaaaa i need a DVD writer) by the way, for evryone who needs help on analyzing the connection.. i suggest to post your speedtest of the follwing timestamp.. 1. 7am 2. 12nn 3. 5pm 4. 9pm 5. 12mn or 1am we need to see all your speedtests the whole day and we will do our best to help you out guys.. thanks @rich_aled it depends on what you are going to clean.. cause
  12. are you using smartbro? i see your host is different.. who banned your ip? do you receive any errors when logging in to that application?
  13. we can ask coolbuster when he gets online for a good proxifier that can hide your ip address.. my network is not accepting any proxifier right not let me see if i can open it later.. i'll just tweak again my network.. i accidentally blocked my access to proxifiers hahaha bad meh..
  14. as far as i know.. it's the proxifier that can change your ip address to another ip address that makes your network a new set of ip address.. errr.. is that correct? haha well, basically if you're playing online games the network gives you a network identifier so that the security guard of the game that you are playing will recognize you as part of the community.. one process that can change an ip address is by using the bridge mode that makes your network more secure.. let research for your issue for today.. would there be anything else that i may help you with?
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