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  1. Is there a way to do this when i take a Screenshot from my Xbox it always has a black Border around it all try getting a example... Like that are there any programs in which i can remove that? Thank you for much and sorry for Sentence Structure,Spellinso on and so on .
  2. Arigato Gozimasu you to hehe all need to check it out know of any good file recovery progs i was gonna try the program EasyRecovery but if you know any please do tell.
  3. ok lemme see how to put this. on are network me and my brother shared files then my stepdad was put on the network who is VERY computer illiterate and deleted the files in the shared folder. i really want those files back so which computer should i use a file recovery program on? A) being mine being brother the person with the files origionally on his Hard disk C) Stpedad's who erased it Thank you for any help
  4. Ok here's another example aswell um say you have a folder with like you know a massive amount of subfolders. let's say in one folder you have 100 other ones (folders with say a image in each) is there a way to rigth click and extract the files from the folders to a designated directory?. sorry if im unclear
  5. Ok guy's and gals this probably sounds like the Epitome of laziness. but is it possible to say highlight a groups of Folders and remove all file contents of them into the same File folder Meaning say i have a file folder called 1 and the contents are 4 more file folders called 2,3,4 and 5 so it looks like this http://img234.imageshack.us/my.php?image=example3da.jpg is there a prog or something where i can just Highlight those folders and click Extract or something and the'll all go out to that screen the Folder 1 area. Thank you all for any help and sorry for the Atrocious Sentence structure.
  6. Yes i do have USB 2.0 that's one reason why im wondering its so so slow.
  7. Hello i recently purchased a 200GB External HD sending files to it is great but getting them back from it is almost Unbearable. that's all i cn really say if you need any other info all gladly get it for you.
  8. just- my Connection is 6mb down and 512 kb up i think, its comcast the ISP and Indestructable i always have mine set so they can get about 22kbs. i can get info or whatever you like how my portforwarding screen looks and such or whatever info you need. i hope thank you again guys
  9. Alright i setup the network of 3 computers on a Static IP and port forwarded to mine should that be it.
  10. Ok i just opened the Port i was using for it which was 6881 but on to another question should i be bottlenecked at around 30kbs all the time like this?. or have i not found a good torrent really ever like i said my max ever was a few days ago with it going up to 400kbs for a minute or so.
  11. um i went itnto the Router configuration page and opened a range of ports they said where used for BT sorry im not to much into the Networking area so i dont know mush on the subject.
  12. ok well i use Bitcomet and i was wondering something am i never suppose ot get above 30k on Dl's because i seem to max out there. for the first time ever yesterday i got up to 400kb's for about oh 1 minute. so is it me or am i capped like that and i have my Upload to set to about 30 kb's. thank you for anyhelp i will get any ifno you require and also i have a router since im sure that will come up it's a LINKSYS BEFSR41 and sorry guys for my sentence structure.
  13. ok i looked and there both the same they have one chip on the same side also Swimmer you want me to do the report functtion in EVEREST and send it to your E-mail see if you can get any info i may not be giving?.
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6796773801 here it be mister Swimmer
  15. Mobo name = ECS K7SEM also and yes i did try with just the 512 in Also i just looked at something on that EVEREST thing and i think i know my problem its says it has 2 DDR spots
  16. alright i bought my computer a 512 stick finally because on my 256 for some reason it reads 248 i've had the "248" stick for about 4 years so i got my new 512 today. I put the 512 by the "248" because i really dont have a reason for it to flush since i hear it's better for somethings to do so. alright i put it in boot up computer comes on stays blank i take it off again turn it on with just old stick in works perfect. do any of you possibly know why it doesnt work?. RAM Stats PC133 512 168 pin sorry im not completely computer techy buts it SDRAM is that ok?. also its the Exact same size and shape of old ram lol if that matters
  17. OMG!!! so sorry guy i never replied PS ended up being blown so so sorry.
  18. Swimmer that be my MoBo and myraigon i can try what you said once i hear what swimmer replys with
  19. When i turn the computer nothing in the computer turns on except for the green light and ill try to get you the motherboard information question on the mobo info how am i supposed to check with that program if i cant turn on the computer well i went inside the pc for a min and this was some printing on it 18it-is7-v2
  20. Bought off of ebay and yes the light was always red beofre the problem happened
  21. The Brand of the PC on front it says MSI Mulitmedia
  22. yes i did have it off but i have taken it off before with no problems like when i first got it the vid card was loose so i had open it well my brother did and put it back in place and there where no probs then
  23. Ok i bought a new computer about 2 months ago and yesterday it shut off by itself and wont turn back on but inside it is showing a green light so it is reciveing power but the light inside was red so any help or ideas what my problem is appreciated thank you this is the brother so im nbot to good at computers or but thats the best explanation
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