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  1. @jkilla but you said when you change your mac your speed boost up,,,, @coolbuster can you teach me the FDC???,,ive upgraded my canopy but stil my speed is just 102kbps only.,,.can you help me pls???,,,TY
  2. @jkilla why not???.,.,all of the mac adress ive tried cannot connect to the internet.,.,did you try to change your ,mac many times??? or can you give me a working mac that is fast.,.,ill appreciate if you can help me,,thnak you very much
  3. this is my speed,.,huhuhu whats wrong with my canopy,,its been upgraded already but still i cant get a 300+ kbps speed
  4. wow thats nice,,,,can i know the formula??? () why is my speed only 102 kbps and i have already upgraded my canopy,,,
  5. why still my speed 80kbps only,.,.,i have upgraded my canopy but still when i check my speed it cannot go up in 300kbps or more,,whats wrong with my conection???? and what is the FDC??? thanksssssssssssss
  6. @jkilla my new mac cannot connect to the internet,,is it possible to use the same mac address as yours??? can i know what mac address you are using???,,ill try to test if it works for me
  7. @jkilla ive tried using it but all the mac that i generated do not have a connection,,.,will i use whiteshark???? can i try the mac that you have right now???thank you
  8. how can i know whats my original mac address???? thnxXXX
  9. @jkilla ok thanks,,ill try it,.,.,. i think orochimaru is still alive .,.lol
  10. @jikilla if i change my mac address can my speed also go faster lyk urs??? ill try to download macmakeup,.,.,.,if i chnage my mac address can i get it back to the original??? thnaxXXx
  11. @jkilla is that your original ip that you put manualy through the control panel and just added the subnet mask: can you teach mee that so that i can speed up my download too?
  12. @sven,,,,,,godstrenght^^ can you teach me how to do the tweak thing??,,thank you,.,,.,i have already upgraded my canopy and did the 20 steps but my speed is only 170kbps.,., T_T
  13. i have already downloaded a IDM and it is liscence already ().,.,i do not have enough money to buy a liscens one hihihi.,.,.
  14. @coolbuster i think you can download an IDM for free and with liscence in some websites,.,.,
  15. @ExtremeFusion wuhoooooo ive already upgraded my canopy,,yeah ,,thnxXx a lot kuya.,.,,mabuhay ka wweeeeeeee,,,.,.,thanks very much.,.,,ill just test my speed.,.,.,..
  16. @ExtremeFusion im sorry but i cant undrstand the process.,pls xplain it more thnxX,, ive tried the telnet but it says that connection to host lost,,,,what must i do???
  17. can i ask some question,.,.,what software you are using for download,,is it a download manager??? the image you are showing,,can i know what software s that,,thnxXx
  18. waaaa it still not work.,.,,ive tried the 10.xx.xx.xx but it stated that not responding.,.,can someone help me plss, ireally want to upgrade my canopy tanxXx
  19. i need help plss,,,,,,im doingt the right step but still i cant refresh my SM.. it always stated that no SNMP response,,ive already set my TCP/IP properties to and but stil i cant refresh it,,,what should i do,.,.thnxXx in advance,.
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