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  1. to all the gurus out there, plz feed me of tips about gaining more RSSI...i think my RSSI is so poor, co'z it only reach 390 max...some other say that the ideal RSSI is ranging to 700 up...pls pls pls help...what is the possible way i can do?
  2. yah i tried, but no effect...IT jzt say "internet explorer could not open the search page"...what should i do? plz...
  3. hey guys help pls...i cant access my canopy now, it se's "internet explorer can't access the search page"...what is this? is this blocked?
  4. when im accessing my canopy it say's "internet explorer cant open the search page"...is this blocked?
  5. [snip] heres my speed... edit: do not post linking url's to other test sites
  6. @cykad it is base to MJ's AP, i dont think it will work for you...try posting ur AP list.... https://www.speedguide.net/speedtest/results_img.php?test=SWU2LHC6SMRJ
  7. @MJ i think, the best way u can do is to perform a system mentainance on ur comp,check if there's a virus, spyware, etc.. this can cause connection slowdown...also try cleaning ur registry,..or if not, try installing a fresh copy of windows, then do the tweaks again..smartbro said's that the connection to them is burstable, try finding a strong cgnal to them...about tweaking; like mr.CB said to his tips, not all smartbro user's will gain the assumed speed,after tweaking ..haha...like me...we are one of the unlucky one..thats why hindi ko n cnubukan ulit ung mga tweaks.,now my download spe
  8. at [snip] my speed is about 3000+kbps/sec... Edited for illegal link
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